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Project ONE Unleashed, Mercedes-AMG Reveals Valkyrie Slaying Hypercar

After months of rumors, speculation, as well as a lone teaser image. Mercedes-AMG has at long last unveiled the Project ONE hypercar, which aims to seek and destroy all in its niche segment when it is unleashed on the road.

As expected, the exterior styling of this near production concept was designed with pure purpose and intent. The whole body of this visually stunning masterpiece is crafted out of carbon fiber monocoque, while the front fenders rise above the wheels and transition to the rear and its ultra wide tail lights. However, the detail that stands out the most in our eyes is the roof mounted scoop that channels air to the F1 derived V6 that lurks underneath.

Unlike other race derived engines, this spunky 1.6 liter actually uses F1 technology, and boasts a staggering 11,000 revs before it hits the limiter. To help avoid valve float, traditional valves and springs have been replaced with pneumatic valve controls, while an electrically operated turbocharger pumps even more cool air into the engine. Mercedes-AMG claims that all these radical tweaks help Project ONE have 40 percent thermal efficiency, as well as produce “over” 671 horsepower when linked to the electric motors.

Speaking of the front wheel mounted electric motors, they make 161 horsepower each, and can rev up to 50,000 rpms. The lithium ion batteries that power the motors only weigh 220 lbs, and have four times more cells than the batteries in the Mercedes F1 W06 hybrid race car. Mercedes also revealed that the system runs at 800 volts, which is double the voltage typically used in the firm’s other plug-in systems.

The interior of Project ONE is perhaps the most extreme form of function over style we have ever seen. A Formula 1 inspired steering wheel greets the driver’s hands, while a color display replaces conventional gauges. A second screen is also mounted on the center stack but other than that, many typical luxury and entertainment features have been pitched for the sake of weight savings. This follows in line with another recently unveiled hypercar, the Aston Martin Valkyrie which also sheds luxury features for the sake of maximum performance. The seats themselves are very spartan, but Mercedes engineers did retain power adjust-ability for the pedals and steering wheel so that the Project ONE can be experienced by a wide range of drivers.

All of this power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an eight speed automated manual transmission designed exclusively for Project ONE, with pushrod coil over suspension helping to keep the car straight and solid through even the twistiest of turns. This should please lucky buyers, while also causing sleepless nights for the Valkyrie, as well as the McLaren P1.

With all of this power, and potent race ready technology, it’s no surprise that  Project ONE will be a very limited release, with Mercedes-AMG only producing 275 copies before production ends. Buyers looking to pre-order one for their garage will have to keep their checkbooks at home since the whole production run is already sold out with each example going for $2.27 million each.



2017 Honda Civic Si Embraces Turbocharged Performance, Debuts In Slick Video

Building on the path laid out by its track honed sibling the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, Honda has revealed the missing link between the base Civic and the R, the 2017 Honda Civic Si via a video release earlier today.

A key item here is that the 2017 version is not as powerful as the one that preceded it, with the all new 1.5 liter four cylinder still producing the 205 horsepower that defined the previous generation Si. However, the addition of an all new turbocharger helps push overall torque to 192 lb-ft (a gain of 18 lb-ft) with the torque being available much lower in the rev band starting at 2100 rpm before reaching the 5000 rpm limit.

While these figures are a bit paltry when compared to many of its rivals, the Si has never been about raw power in the first place, and it is in other areas where the 2017 updates truly leave their mark. for instance, the suspension has been completely revamped and now features firmer springs as well as adaptive shocks and front lower control arms borrowed from the Type R. Wider tires also help the Si grip better, while an all new Sport button adjusts the suspension, steering, and throttle mapping to have a sportier feel.



With all these changes its good to know that the Civic Si still embraces the traditional manual transmission layout, with a six speed stick helping drivers have full control over each shift up and down the gears. Lastly a genuine mechanical limited slip differential helps bring power down to the front wheels without sacrificing agility and handling.

The exterior styling of the 2017 Honda Civic Si builds on the already aggressive lines seen on the Civic hatchback, and includes the familiar center mounted exhaust system and vent work . However, the rear bumper treatment depends on which body style is chosen, as will the spoiler type, with the coupe featuring a pedestal mounted wing, while the sedan gets a more discreet unit mounted directly to the trunk lid.



The interior of the Si is highlighted by heavily bolstered sports seats that feature embroidered Si logos as well as varied fabric material. The pedals are covered in aluminium, and red lighting accents the gauges, infotainment system, and buttons. In addition to its sporty backdrop, the cabin will also come well equipped with buyers being able to equip the Si with heated seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, rain sensing wipers, as well as a 7-inch touchscreen which will allow buyers to have full control of the 450 watt 10-speaker sound system. These goodies should help enhance its ability to be a legit daily driver choice, while also allowing it to be on par with other sport compact offerings.

Honda has not released official pricing for the 2017 Honda Civic Si, but look for the car to still be priced in the mid – $20,000 range with well equipped examples approaching $30,000. In the meantime, you can check out the 2017 Civic Si in its natural habitat in a brief video Honda added with its release below.

Dodge Demon Teases Exhaust Note [Video]

Dodge is at it again, and has unleashed a new teaser video that puts the spotlight on the soundtrack that highlights the Demon’s exhaust system, while also revealing yet another cryptic code.

Dubbed “No Pills,” the video highlights the novel solution that Dodge engineers created to control the immense levels of torque generated by the Demon’s souped up engine (a make it or break it factor out on the dragstrip.)

To help keep things under control, Dodge engineers have equipped the Demon with an all new torque reverse launch system that allows the engine to build up boost without scorching the tires or the brakes. When paired with the sticky Nitto drag radials, and the suspension tweaks Dodge has made, it should produce some mean quarter mile times at the drag strip.

The magic here is how the system works, and it is pretty straightforward when in use. Essentially a bypass valve on the supercharger closes, “prefilling” the blower with boost as a result. To help keep the torque and revs balanced, the onboard computer can regulate fuel flow as well as the spark at each indvidual cylinder.


The system kicks in when Launch Mode is initiated, and the engine is turning at least 1,000 RPM. The goal here is to reach peak boost quicker, while also delivering power more efficiently to the ground at the same time, a winning combination in drag racing.

A side effect though is that it also gives the Demon a very distinctive exhaust note, with Dodge freely admitting that it may make it seem like the Demon is broken, even though it really isn’t. For those who are curious, Dodge has even released a ringtone version of the noise which can be easily mistaken for a blown phone speaker.

Rounding out the festivities is a new license code (3.9 + 221 = 405) that is just a cryptic as the first one that was released. Other teasers have floated the numbers 757 and 815 repeatedly, and we suspect the former figure is the torque while the 815 could be the new horsepower rating (a 108 horse gain if proven true.



Durango SRT

Dodge Unveils Firebreathing Durango SRT [Video]

With the Chicago Auto Show fast approaching, Dodge has formally unveiled the 2018 Durango SRT which brings track ready performance to the venerable family hauler.

While the Durango SRT is not the Hellcat powered monster that prior rumors suggested (we have to wait until the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk appears) it still does its best to look the part. This is thanks to model exclusive elements including a new hood with air duct and heat extractors, a tweaked lower bumper with a wider air dam, as well as LED daytime running lights.

Fender flares also accent the package, and lead out to a rear diffuser that is topped off with twin four-inch exhaust tips. This certainly helps amp up the Durango’s presence on the street, and makes up for the standard model’s lack of attitude.

The interior of the Durango SRT also embraces performance, and real carbon fiber trim accents make their way to the Durango for the first time ever. Supple Laguna leather upholstry also comes along for the ride, and the supportive leather thrones feature silver accent stitching, as well as heated and cooled capability.

Rounding out the transformation from mundane to macho is a flat bottomed steering wheel, as well as SRT badging scattered throughout the cabin. Expect these touches to be a hit with the kids lucky enough to be shuttled off to school in this beast.

The Durango SRT certainly looks the part, but a proper SRT product is more than just looking good. It’s what lurks under the hood that counts, and the Durango SRT does not disappoint in that regard. As mentioned earlier, the Hellcat is absent here, but the SUV bucks the trend towards downsizing, and fully embraces the familiar 6.4 liter V8 thats also found in the Charger and Challenger.

Good for a healthy 475 horsepower, the beefy V8 allows the Durango SRT to make the sprint to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds (on par with a BMW M5) as well as cover the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds.

The SRT retains the eight speed automatic that sees duty in lesser Durangos, but it has been tweaked for performance driving, and is complimented by huge Brembo brakes, a firmer suspension, as well as large Pirelli Scorpion tires.

Seven diffrent driving modes are avalible here, with Track mode sending up to 70 percent of the engines power to the rear wheels, and also promises to dramatically reduce shift times for the forementioned eight speed automatic transmission.

Dodge has not formally revealed when the Durango SRT will go on sale, or how much it will cost. But look for it to command a healthy premium over other Durango models when it eventually thunders its way onto dealer lots. In the meantime you can see the Durango SRT do its best burnout in the video below.

Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Highlights Wider Body, Hides Possible Easter Egg [Video]

The road to New York features plenty of twists and turns, and Dodge has released an all new teaser video for its upcoming performance machine, the 2017 Dodge Demon.

Like the other two teaser videos, this one focuses on a key theme. and highlights the tires that this special Challenger will wear. Earlier sightings of prototypes hinted at wider tires being installed, and we now know that the Demon will come equipped with “Demon branded” Nitto NT05R  315/40R18 slicks front and rear. FCA claims that the Demon will be the first ever factory car to be equipped with drag radials, an impressive feat indeed.

The addition of these potent tires, as well as the bigger rims for them, required engineers to make several key revisions to the Challenger. Wider fender flares add 3.5 inches of width, and FCA claims that the end result is a wide-body Challenger that has a more “intimidating, purposeful stance.”

Prior teasers have revealed that the Demon will be several hundred pounds lighter than the current Hellcat and feature a bigger hood scoop as well as other exterior styling tweaks to make it standout from the rest of the muscle car stable.

In addition, the teaser also shows off a curious license plate (Michigan #2576@35) which appears to reveal a clue. However, it is unknown what it is, and theories abound on what the plate could be broadcasting to viewers that watch the video.

Look for more details to gradually be revealed ahead of the Demon’s  April debut at the 2017 New York Auto Show. In the meantime, you can check out the lastest teaser video below.

2018 Dodge Demon Sheds Weight In New Teaser [Video]

The mad scientists at SRT are continuing their carefully orchestrated hype campaign, and have unleashed a new teaser video for the 2018 Dodge Demon ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show.

Following up on last weeks “Caged”  teaser video, this new video dubbed “Reduction” focuses on the weight loss plan that SRT engineers have in store for the Demon.

Dodge claims that the Demon will be 200 lbs lighter than the Hellcat it replaces. While the end result is still a hefty 4500 lbs, look for thisDodge Demon weight shedding to help improve the Demon’s handling manners as well as acceleration times.

The video also seems to confirm that the Dodge Demon will be rear-wheel drive versus all-wheel drive due to the lack of a front diffrential. If that’s the case, we suspect its omission is due to it not being able to handle the Demon’s high horsepower versus being an obstacle to overall weight savings.

For those that prefer to skip the teasers, Instagram user @illegal_machine shared a few photos that could very well be a Demon in the flesh.

While it looks like a mid-stage cobbled together prototype, it does have several Demon cues including the wider hood, bigger scoop, Demon logo, as well as smaller wheels that coincide with both teaser videos.

In the meantime you can check out the latest teaser video as well the alleged pictures below.


Lordy. @sinister_z07 just posted this. Could it be? #Demon

A photo posted by Ill Mac (@illegal_machine) on


2018 Mustang

2018 Ford Mustang Breaks The Internet With New Front Fascia

Keeping upcoming vehicles a secret is becoming harder and harder these days, and thanks to a poorly timed video leak, we now have a good look at the 2018 Ford Mustang.

The leaked b-roll footage was posted on and once you stomach the obviously royalty free soundtrack, it does 2018 Mustangoffer a compelling look at the car. For starters the new front fascia is on full display, and is a droopier affair than before, with more upright fog lamp surrounds and a lightly tweaked grille.

Meanwhile, the rear fascia features equally minor tweaks, and the spoiler switches from an intergrated piece to one that is higher mounted perhaps in 2018 Mustanga bid to improve downforce on the rear end. The 2018 Mustang featured in the video clip is a GT Performance Package model, and the 5.0 liter badges confirm that the Coyote V8 engine will carry on, at least for the time being. No interior shots were featured in the b-roll, but expect it to largely carryover unchanged.

Look for more information to be revealed over the next few weeks. The 2018 Mustang was originally supposed to be unveiled at the 2017 North American International Auto Show last week, but was scratched at the last minute for unknown reasons.

Rebel Black 4

Ram Goes To The Darkside With 1500 Rebel Black [Video]

With the Ram Rebel scorching its way through backwood trails and snowy roads, Ram has revealed a special edition model dubbed the Rebel Black.

As its moniker implies, the Rebel Black embraces black accents and includes black rims, brush guard, and an all black interior. This special edition truck is thankfully avalible rm017_070fn8l8bi9hs9g3fng8v9pjf254v67__midin the full color pallate which should please folks that love the standard model’s trademark red hue.

The all black interior features heated seats with “Rebel” embroidery andonized accents on the doors, center console and instrument cluster as well as Light Slate grey accent seat stitching in lieu of the standard Rebel’s red hued stitching. Black Katzkin leather thrones are avalible as a luxurious upgrade.

“Adding the Rebel Black package to an already aggressive off-road package will continue feeding the momentum Rebel is creating for the Ram Truck brand” revealed Mike Manley Head of Jeep Brand and Ram Brand, FCA – Global. “The Ram Rebel is unique in the full-size truck segment with 33-inch off-road tires, air suspension, and custom interior details.”

Like the rest of the Rebel lineup, performance for the Rebel Black comes from either the base rm017_069fnumb206akgk1ftp5rkn6bk6rk8__mid3.6 liter Pentastar V6 or the optional 5.7 liter Hemi V8. The V6 model comes in 4×4 guise only, but V8 rigs can be had either as a 4×4 or a 4×2.

The Ram 1500 Rebel Black is scheduled to arrive in showrooms this March, with a base price of $45,590. This is before the $1,320 dedtination fee, but its still a reasonable price, especially for a truck that embraces the dark side. In the mean time, you can see it shred some powder in the video below.


Kia Unveils New GT Concept Teaser Video

Kia has big things planned for its upcoming GT Concept, and has released a new video that sheds new light on its upcoming sport sedan entry.

The new video dubbed “The Silhouette” was shot in darkness, and teases the outline of the car from various angles. While it has just about as much detail as Kia’s first video, there are still several new hints that leap their way to the surface.

For instance the walkaround reveals elements that steal a page or two from the Ford Mustang playbook especially with its hood sculpting and intergrated rear spoiler. A glimpse of the wheels round out the package, and they look very stylish though time will tell if they will make the jump to production or not.

Like last time, the interior was not revealed, but look for it to be a sportier departure from Kia’s more tech oriented theme especially in terms of the basic design for the gauge cluster, as well as sportier seats and splashes of performance inspired trim. This will allow the car to standout from rivals like BMW, and also give it a leg up over the Dodge Charger especially in regards to interior dedign and fit and finish.

Kia is expected to formally unveil its new sport sedan at the 2017 North American International Auto Show in a few weeks. Stay tuned to Autoinfoquest for further updates as well as our live coverage of the unveiling.


Kia Teases Production GT Concept Car [Video]

With the clock ticking ever closer to its official debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, Kia has launched a new micro site to promote the debut of its all new sport sedan which is based on the GT Concept car.

According to the site, the car is scheduled to make its formal debut on January 8th which is one day before the kickoff of the North American International Auto Show. Kia also provided a brief teaser video which debuted in conjunction with the site.

In the video we see a car being pushed through its paces at the famed Nurburgring Racetrack in Germany. While no lap time was released (a change of pace,) the brief clip does show that the car is built for performance with the speedometer going past 150 mph at one point.

The vehicle in the video is most likely the production car, and will share styling cues with the GT concept as well as a mystery car that was unfortunatley leaked to the internet a few days ago. A key element of the new sport sedan is its sloping roofline which will give the four door a coupe like profile, and allow it to capitalize on the recent success of other four door coupes.

The formal name of the car is also a mystery at this point. In Korea the sedan will most likely be called the K8 which is reflective of the alphanumeric naming scheme Kia has in its home market. As for the U.S. the sleek four door could adopt the Stinger nameplate which first made its apperance on the GT4 Stinger concept car a few years back.

Regardless of which moniker it will ultimately assume, the new sport sedan will share its platform with the upcoming Genesis G70 which is expected to arrive with standard rear wheel drive. All wheel drive could make its way to the slick Kia later in its production cycle, which should please potential buyers out in the snowbelt.

Performance will most likely come from a suite of V6 engines including the 3.3 liter turbocharged V6 used in the Genesis lineup. A turbocharged four cylinder could also make an apperance in the base model, but we’ll have to wait until it is formally unveiled to know if it is indeed the case.

Kia is already promoting its next teaser video so stay tuned for more information as it becomes avalible. In the mean time you can check out the forementioned video below.