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TVR Previews 2017 V8 Powered Sports Car

It has been a long time since we have heard any details regarding the recently revived TVR brand as well as its upcoming sports car offering, but a new letter released by TVR Chairman Les Edgar has revealed major details to fans and potential customers as well as a sneak preview of the mysterious new model.

The teaser image only showcases a side profile view, but the basic profile of the vehicle does hint at a futuristic take on classic TVR cues especially in regards to the signature Sagaris-esque headlights. The letter claims that the vehicle was designed and conceptualized using “the very latest state of the art CAD software,” while the designers have simultaneously tweaked the overall design using “old fashioned seating bucks and scale clay models.” A highlight that will please many TVR fans is that the new vehicle will feature “the world’s first affordable high volume carbon fiber chassis structure bringing Formula One materials and technology within reach of the everyday motorist.” this particular chassis was designed by the folks at Gordon Murray Design, and will be available to customers as a no cost option.

Confirming prior statements, TVR revealed that the model will still be powered by a Cosworth sourced V8 engine, but TVR remained mum on what kind of performance figures it will generate. Separate reports suggested that the engine is capable of producing between 450 and 500 horsepower with the final figure alternating depending on the application used with TVR revealing that the car can be equipped as a road car, a track oriented machine, or a state of the art missile that can tackle Le Mans type endurance racing.

While we will have to wait until the car has reached a stage where it can be extensively tested in both worlds, Edgar did reveal that development of the V8 is proceeding as planned with engineers already firing up the first engine and testing it on a dyno. While Edgar’s statement did not reveal any final figures, he went on further claiming “the power and torque figures and delivery characteristics are very much on target.” This is good news, and could mean that the engine will allow the unnamed model to compete with established sports car rivals while also arriving at a price point that is accessible to more enthusiasts.

With the updates proceeding at their current pace, the next major update will most likely be released sometime in 2016 and will include more detailed information about the location of the factory, the final design of the car, as well as detailed performance figures including horsepower, torque and acceleration figures, as well as the official top speed. We are eager to see the long term prospects of the revived TVR, and whether they can learn from the mistakes that doomed the original TVR motor company. In particular we are curious to see if the new company can improve build quality which was a notorious aspect of past TVR models especially during the early 2000s.