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SSC Teases Tuatara Hypercar, Is It On Track For Production?

Remember back when the SSC Tuatara was first teased on the vast expanses of the internet? I sure do, it was back in 2011, a time when Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV, Arab Spring was in full swing, and SSC had big plans for its world beating hypercar.

Named after a species of lizard native to New Zealand, the vehicular Tuatara was supposed to be a follow up to the utterly bonkers SSC Ultimate Aero which started a brief game of anything you can do I can do better with Volkswagen’s crown jewel the Bugatti Veyron. The Tuatara was supposed to be the figurative sequel to the Aero’s world shattering debut.

Unfortunately like the fore-mentioned reptile, the Tuatara proved to be a rare sight with the planned hypercar not making production as of this writing. In fact SSC itself has proven to be an elusive entity with the company releasing few press releases, and equally few glimpses at its new products. Like before the latest teaser follows typical SSC procedure and doesn’t reveal too much about how the Tuatara has been updated since its 2011 conception.

From the lone photo it appears that SSC is indeed building a car with slick looking headlights, as well as an interesting spoiler that promises to deliver maximum down force. The look is certainly more aggressive but it also has a slight futuristic vibe that does make the car standout even when hiding in the shadows. Our best guess is that it is indeed the Tuatara given how similar the original looks when compared to the car featured in SSC’s newest photo.

Times have certainly changed since the Tuatara was first unleashed, and perhaps SSC has managed to make some improvements to the Tuatara during its long absence away from the limelight. We hope for a bump in horsepower as well as better aerodynamic and interior treatments for lucky occupants.