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Shelby Unveils 750 Horsepower Terlingua Mustang

The Terlingua racing team was a formidable crew of talent during their heyday out on the racetrack with the team establishing this reputation in 1967 when they won the Trans Am championship. Shelby American has chosen to pay homage to this milestone with a limited edition Mustang model.

Known as the Terlingua Edition, this model is based on the V8 Mustang GT which is a break in tradition from past models where they were powered by V6’s. The latest iteration uses a highly modified version of the 5.0 liter V8 which now produces 750 horsepower (a gain of Terlingua Pic 2315 horsepower versus the stock GT.) A big chunk of this gain was achieved by using a Whipple supercharger which is a popular add on in the muscle car market. The car also boasts distinctive exterior styling and features 20-inch Weld brand alloy wheels, Borla exhaust system with black tips, carbon fiber trim pieces, and the trademark yellow and black paint job that is a subtle nod to the 60’s racer that serves as its inspiration.

Performance specifications have not been released as of yet, but considering that the stock GT makes the sprint to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, Look for the Terlingua Edition to cleave a significant chunk from that figure, while also increasing overall top speed which would make the car a formidable opponent out on the drag strip.

However being a straight line missile is not this car’s only talent, Shelby engineers also made sure that the car could get its groove on in twisty sections of road thanks to an all new set of adjustable coilovers, a Terlingua exclusive sway bar, and massive Brembo Terlingua 4brakes for all four wheels. This allows the Terlingua to be highly adaptable, while also catering to a wider range of driving enthusiasts.

Shelby American will only be building 50 examples of the Terlingua Edition Mustang with each one featuring a base MSRP of $65,999 which of course does not include the cost of the donor vehicle.


Shelby American Unveils 750 Horsepower Super Snake Mustang

Following the smashing success of the 707 horsepower Hellcat Charger and Challenger (which recently forced FCA to suspend ordering for the muscle bound duo) Shelby American has unveiled the first true competitor to the Hellcat. The 2015 Shelby Super Snake a car that aims to dethrone the Hellcat in outright power, while also answering the call of hardcore Mustang loyalists looking for more power and exclusivity in a familiar package.

Based on the stock Ford Mustang GT, the Super Snake was developed with key input from Ford’s Performance division, and their influence is clearly noticed in many aspects of its design. The resurrected king of all serpents gets its grunt from a highly modified version of Ford’s familiar 5.0 liter modular V8 which benefits from a massive supercharger that helps Shelby Super Snake 2vault overall output to a mind blowing 750 horsepower when it is equipped to its most powerful configuration. The tweaked V8 is hooked up to a standard issue six speed manual gearbox, but for the first time in the model’s history, buyers can opt for an optional six speed automatic that will be available at extra cost. While it is two cogs short of the Hellcat’s eight speed, we are curious to see if it can fully cope with all this power, and whether it can avoid the transmission issues that have cropped up in some Hellcat models.

While exact performance numbers have not been released, Shelby promises that all of this muscle is balanced out by a revamped suspension system that promises to allow the Super Snake to be more than a mere drag strip blasting missile, while a Borla exhaust SHelby Super Snake 3delivers the rumble happy soundtrack that we have come to expect from a Shelby badged offering. Meaty six piston brake calipers help bring the car to a smooth and steady stop, while 20-inch alloy wheels shod in Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup tires help keep the coupe pointed in the right direction at all times even under full acceleration.

The exterior styling of the Super Snake retains much of the basic futuristic theme that defines the standard issue Mustang, but builds upon it by incorporating a lightweight carbon fiber hood, a built in air scoop, and a bigger rear spoiler. The interior in comparison is more subtly tweaked, and features model exclusive emblems, new seat upholstery, and a performance oriented three gauge instrument cluster.

Shelby will be only building 300 examples of the Super Snake this year in its Las Vegas Nevada based facility with each one starting at $49,995 before the cost of the donor Mustang GT is Shelby Super Snake 6factored in along with taxes and fees. Curiously, Shelby American did not reveal official pricing for the flagship Super Snake variants but we expect those to have a base MSRP north of $60,000 when they eventually get produced.