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Rezvani Prices 2018 Beast Alpha, Costs Under $100k

When Rezvani first introduced the 2017 Beast Alpha at the Los Angeles Auto Show back in November, we were intrigued by its removable targa top, as well as the 500 horsepower engine lurking under its elegantly sculpted hood. However, its $200,000 price tag was not so praise worthy. Thankfully it appears change is in the air with the release of a lone teaser image that hints at a massive price cut for the 2018 Beast, as well as other changes that aim to make the boutique supercar offering standout when compared alongside its more mainstream peers.

CEO Ferris Rezvani has high hopes for the 2018 Beast with the enthusiastic chief claiming that the Beast Alpha will be “a Porsche killer, but with even more focus on the enthusiast.”Rezvani went on to say that the 2018 model year will bring a unique series of features that are tailored to a more mainstream customer, while still maintaining the race car like level of performance and exotic design. It would also do this at a lower price with Rezvani revealing that the updated Beast Alpha would start at under $100,000.

Technical specifications for the 2018 Beast Alpha have not been unleashed as of this writing, but the 2017 Beast Alpha has a mere curbweight of 1,950 lbs which is achieved thanks to a body crafted out of carbon fiber as well as a Lotus derived aluminum monocoque material. A heavily modified 2.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine delivers 500 horsepower, and can scoot the Beast Alpha to 60 mph in a blistering 3.2 seconds thanks to its optional sequential automatic transmission (3.5 when equipped with the standard six speed manual.)

The California company is already accepting pre-orders for the 2018 Beast Alpha for enthusiasts that are eager to get their hands on the car ahead of its official debut, which is expected to take place sometime during the second quarter of the year. Early adopters will have to shell out a refundable deposit of $1,000 to be put on the waiting list, however we think its worth it, especially to experience the trick sliding sidewinder doors first hand.


Beast Alpha

Rezvani Teases Beast Alpha

Rezvani has been on a roll when it comes to expanding its ferocious lineup of Beast offerings, and the California based firm appears to have yet another road devouring offering in the works with the company releasing a lone teaser image of its all new Beast Alpha.

As is the case with the company’s other Beast offerings, the Alpha most likely starts life as a stripped down Atom which has been shrouded in a custom coach built body. However, unlike other Rezvani models, the Beast Alpha stands out thanks to several unique features. These include forward sliding ‘sidewinder’ doors, a removable hardtop, and air conditioning.  Naturally, the extra amenities increases the Beast Alpha’s curb weight by several hundred pounds when compared to its brethren, but Rezvani reps claim that the car still retains its lightweight reputation with the Alpha allegedly being 50 pounds below a ton.

Performance for the Beast Alpha comes from a tweaked and mid-mounted version of the Atom’s 2.4 liter supercharged Honda engine which promises to deliver 500 horsepower. This figure would put the Alpha in the middle of the Beast lineup with the car directly between the base 300 horsepower Speedster, and the range topping 700 horsepower Beast X. In short, it’ll be the proverbial Goldilocks model in the Beast lineup.

In addition to its potent power, the Beast Alpha is also capable of impressive levels of performance with Rezvani claiming that the Alpha can pounce its way to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds which is impressive considering the extra weight that the Alpha is carrying in comparison to its more track focused siblings. The Alpha also closes a void in Rezvani’s lineup, and adds a middle ground option to those that want to have more power than the base Speedster, but don’t have the financial resources to go all in on the Beast X.

Look for full details to be released when the Alpha makes its formal debut on November 16th. Pricing is expected to fall in the low six figure range for a base Alpha which is on par for other entries in its unique vehicle segment.

Rezvani Unveils 700 Horsepower Beast X

Following on the heels of the recent unveiling of the Beast Speedster, the folks at Rezvani have unveiled the next level of evolution for its stylish track day weapon the Beast X which aims to sink its claws into track records and rivals from all over the world.

The X version starts life as a standard issue Beast but the goal of achieving 700 horsepower forced Rezvani engineers to pull out all the stops when it was developing the car. The familiar 2.4 Beast X 5liter Honda sourced four cylinder engine is carried over from other Beast models, but Rezvani engineers added dual Borger Warner sourced turbochargers, forged pistons and valves, as well as strengthened internals to cope with the massive stress exerted by the new-found muscle.

The end result is a true monster that can rip its way to 60 mph in a blistering 2.5 seconds which is not only a full second quicker than the Speedster, but also 0.2 seconds quicker Beast X 3than the base Beast. This is mainly due to its svelte curb weight which checks in at 1,850 lbs, and allows the Beast X to achieve its incredible acceleration runs.

The exterior styling of the X thankfully retains the elegant and curvaceous design language that we have come to love in other Beast models but Rezvani engineers made minor revisions to the aerodynamics and added a new split style rear wing to help improve down force especially at higher speeds.

Buyers interested in owning a Beast X will have to act quickly, Rezvani will be building only five examples with each example ringing in at $325,000. While there are more conventional exotic cars that can be purchased for roughly the same price, very few can match the thrills and high levels of rarity that only the Beast can achieve. If your listening Rezvani, we look forward to perhaps checking it out for ourselves in the near future.