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Nanoflowcell Quantino Appears in “Production Form”

With the company still receiving positive feedback regarding its Quantino concept car, NanoFlowcell has unveiled a tweaked version that is allegedly in near production form.

While the lone image NanoFlowcell provided does not appear radically diffrent versus a change from blue to yellow, a closer look reveals minor changes to the front fascia that were made to not only improve safety for pedestrians, but also a nod to production feasability. We suspect the rear fascia has recieved similar touch up work, but we will have to wait until the car is formally unveiled before we have the chance to judge for ourselves.

The unique powertrain however will make the transition to production, and will stand out from traditional eco-friendly vehicles thanks to the use of oppositely electrically charged solutions and fuel stacks versus conventional batteries. NanoFlowcell claims that the system is capable of giving the Quantino an impressive 621 mile driving range between charges while still allowing the car to hit a top speed of 124 mph. This top speed is particularly impressive since the hardware runs at much lower voltage than normal batteries.

“Rated at just 48 volts and with an output of 107 horsepower split between four electric motors, the all new Quantino represents a significant improvement on the one-fill, one-charge range achievable with electric vehicles” The company revealed in an accompanying release.

Following its official debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March, the Quantino could begin small scale production in the near future. However, details become murkier with the company claiming that production will not formally kick off until a feasability study is completed which could push the timetable to either later this year or early next year.