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Morgan Resuming Full U.S. Production This Year?

Morgan’s full lineup has been MIA ever since revised safety standards put virtually all of its four wheeled vehicles out of reach of many U.S. buyers. However, it appears that these tasty four wheeled treats maybe making a comeback if a recent statement from the brand’s key U.S. importer is to be believed.

Currently the only new Morgan available for U.S. buyers is the popular, but segment blurring 3-Wheeler. The model itself is formally known as a “cycle car” and because it is classified as a motorcycle, it does not have to follow the same safety standards that define four wheeled offerings. We had the chance to experience a 3-Wheeler a few years ago, and we praised its retro charm, as well as its tenacious performance characteristics. These two traits have allowed the 3-Wheeler to exceed its initial sales projections, and the trike has become one of the brand’s hottest selling models.

As for its four wheeled prospects, a recently signed U.S. law allows low production volume automakers like Morgan to offer reproductions for sale, which could give offerings like the Plus 4 a lucrative ticket to our shores. This was cemented further by a statement from California based Isis Imports which is the biggest Morgan dealer in the western U.S.

“While details remain to be finalized, the latest word from the Morgan Motor Company is that they anticipate opening the order books for new Morgan cars for the USA possibly as soon as this summer. It is possible that production may begin on U.S. spec cars before the end of the year” the importer revealed in a brief statement.

While the statement is brief, and does not reveal any hint on what model will exactly be offered, Isis revealed that it would most likely be a V6 powered Morgan roadster. Unlike the Aero 8 which makes use of a highly tweaked version of BMW’s 4.8 liter V8, the mystery model could arrive with a Ford sourced 3.7 liter naturally aspirated V6. The potent six cylinder is good for 280 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque which would allow the retro themed convertible to make the sprint ti 60 mph in 5.5 seconds. In addition, the use of a Ford engine would also coincide with the Ford branded four cylinder engines that already see duty in the current generation 4/4 and Plus 4 models, while also catering to its heritage with Ford being the preferred supplier of choice for Series II and newer 4/4 models.

For its part, Morgan Motor Company has so far not issued a formal statement regarding Isis Import’s claims of a U.S. bound four wheeled model, but look for more information to perhaps be revealed later this summer when ordering for the unknown model is expected to be open. Morgan could also launch a teaser campaign right around that time as well with the theme being similar to the campaign that defined the current generation Aero 8 roadster.

Morgan Electrifies Geneva With Production EV3, 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition

Following a steady stream of teasers as well as rumors regarding the future of its green technologies, Morgan Motor Company has unveiled the production version of the EV3 which marks a key step in the British sports car company’s push to add a bit more green to all of its models.

The EV3 (as we mentioned in our prior coverage) is an all electric version of the 3-Wheeler, and it does bring back memories of an era when EV vehicles ruled the roads, and outsold their gasoline counterparts. The ev3h5exterior styling of the EV3 retains the basic 3-Wheeler stance, but Morgan designers revamped the front end which features an array of brass fins that helps channel cool air to the batteries. It also features an extra headlight that helps add some personality to the trike’s love it or hate it looks.

While personal preference may dictate how the styling as a whole is perceived, there is also a clever amount of function that is hidden underneath. The body for example features all carbon fiber body panels which are hand formed over the wooden frame, and is the firstev3h14 Morgan in history to use such a body. Not only does it help improve styling, but the panels also help shed weight which now checks in at just under 1,100 lbs versus the standard 3-Wheeler.

Performance for the EV3 comes from a liquid cooled electric motor which is good for about 46 kilowatts (62 horsepower) and is hooked up to a 20 kWh lithium ion battery pack. While this may not amount to a whole lot of muscle when compared to the gasoline powered V-Twin, Morgan claims that the EV3 can still scoot its way to 62 mph in just under nine seconds before topping out at 90 mph. The EV3 also boasts a 150 mile driving range between charges, but like all EVs look for it to vary depending on how vigorously the throttle is pressed by drivers.

Buyers looking to add an EV3 to their garage will be pleased to hear that the wait will not be as long as initially feared. Recently bolstered ev3h11by government funding, and a consortium of financial backers, Morgan intends to put the EV3 into production by the end of the year, with base pricing being comparable to the standard 3-Wheeler.





Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary Edition



In addition to the EV3, Morgan also unveiled a special edition 4/4 that helps celebrate the model’s 80th anniversary. Mainly a cosmetic package, the 80th anniversary edition will be available in three different colors, and also allow buyers to equip a number of model exclusive interior appointments to make the car more bespoke than the standard 4/4. Morgan designers also outfitted the car with slick looking solid wheels, and several brass elements that help recreate the look that defined the original 4/4.

Performance hardware for the new model comes from a Ford sourced 1.6 liter four cylinder engine which is good for 110 horsepower, and an 8.0 second 0 to 60 time. All of this spirited 80th44h5fun gets channeled to the rear wheels through a Mazda derived 5-speed manual gearbox, and allows the 4/4 to top out at 115 mph. While some may consider these figures a bit paltry, the 4/4 only weighs 1,752 lbs which allows it to have a good power to weight ratio.

The 4/4’s 80 year production run is unmatched in the world of automobiles, with the first one rolling off the assembly line in 1935. The advent of World War II forced Morgan to suspend production in lieu of supplying the British war machine, but once hostilities ceased, the company resumed 80th44h10vehicle production. Buyers looking to add one of these special editions to their garage will have to act quickly. Morgan is only building 80 examples with each one starting at £33,000 before options and fees.

Morgan Announces Production EV3 For Geneva

When Morgan unveiled the original EV3 concept at last year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, it received rave reviews and feedback from both attendees and the media (myself included.) The English sports car company also promised that more was in store, and have teased the next chapter of the EV3 Concept ahead of its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

Known internally as the EV3 Phase 2, this concept still retains the electric motor that first made its debut on the original concept. Good for 75 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque, the potent motor can send the 1,000 lb EV3 to 60 mph in 8.5 seconds, while also allowing the trike to have a 150 mile driving range between charges. The exterior styling however has reportedly been tweaked for this concept. Whereas the original EV3 looked roughly like a conventional 3-Wheeler without the trademark flat twin engine, the production version will be very diffrent.

This came to light in an interview with the British publication Autocar, where Morgan revealed that the Phase 2 will showcase styling elements that are inspired oddly enough, by the Delorean DMC-12 that starred in all three Back To The Future movies. Morgan also released a lone teaser image of the concept, but it does a good job hiding key details so we’ll have to wait until the car’s debut in March to see what Morgan is up to.

As stated earlier, the EV3 Phase 2 is closer to production than the original but is still very experimental. Despite this, Morgan has already sold 10 Phase 2 models to buyers in England and Holland to gauge how well the electrified trike performs in the real world. Feedback from these early adopters will help Morgan design and refine the final version which could reach production in about 3 years.



Morgan Commits To Hybrid Technology, Promises Full Hybrid Range By 2020

When one views the Morgan Motor Company, its long standing links to the past are quite evident. Boasting a strong heritage of building vehicles the old fashioned way with wooden frames and meticulous hand crafted build quality, their vehicles deliver a driving experience that many modern automobiles simply cannot match. However even a company like Morgan has to adapt to a future where green motoring and higher fuel economy figures are becoming a higher priority for many buyers. The company has announced its plans to address this future, revealing that it has begun a new plan to fully embrace hybrid vehicle technology.

This new initiative comes after the company entered a consortium with other British automotive engineering companies including Delta Motorsports, and Potenza Technology. Both of these companies have extensive experience in developing high performance electric powertrains and other hybrid technologies. The consortium recently achieved a key milestone by obtaining an $8.5 million grant from the British Advanced Propulsion Centre to pursue the development of electric and hybrid powertrains. The first fruits of these efforts will make their appearance in Morgan road cars by 2019, with the entire lineup featuring a hybrid model by the end of the decade.

This latest announcement is actually not the first time that the firm has seriously explored the idea of offering hybrid vehicles. Back in 2008, the company unveiled the LifeCar concept which featured a hydrogen fuel cell, and was based on a modified Morgan Aero 8. This concept was followed in 2012 by the unveiling of the Plus E concept which was a modified Plus 8 that previewed an all electric sports car. Recently the company unveiled the electric version of its hot selling 3-Wheeler the EV3 Concept but all three were ultimately not put into production.

As for what candidates in the lineup will be the first to receive a hybrid model, we suspect that the 3 Wheeler and the Plus 4 will be the initial two. Both models (especially the 3 Wheeler) have simpler engineering and layouts, as a result, they could fit a hybrid or electric powertrain without major modifications. We look forward to hearing more about Morgan’s plans for a green future, and we’ll have the latest information here as it becomes available.


Morgan Celebrates 65 Years Of Plus 4 Production, Unveils Cosworth Tuned AR P4

  For over 60 years, the Morgan Plus 4 has been in production and during its long production run, has managed to deliver smiles to eager Morgan enthusiasts while also delivering equally high fuel mileage thanks to its spirited four cylinder engine. Looking at the roadster today, it has not changed much during its production run which shows how timeless the design has truly become. To help celebrate this impressive production milestone, Morgan has taken the veil off of the newest Plus 4 variant, the limited edition AR P4 roadster.

  Limited to a mere 50 examples, the AR P4 is more than just a mere trim and badge package and instead isMorgan AR P4 4 a formidable performance package. Each of the 50 cars is tuned by AP Motorsport with the bulk of the changes taking place under the hood, where Cosworth engineers have tweaked the Plus 4’s 2.0 liter four cylinder which now produces 225 horsepower. This is a hefty increase over the standard car’s 154 horsepower and is also a subtle nod to Morgan’s racing heritage. Along with the improved muscle, AP Motorsport also tweaked other aspects of the Plus 4 adding revised brakes, adjustable shocks, and completely replacing the rear suspension’s old school leaf spring setup with an all new five-link setup that aims to improve ride quality and high speed handling behavior.

  The exterior styling of the AR P4 it still evokes a strong sense of retro themed nostalgia that has become a hallmark trait of Morgan offerings. However in a nod to modern technology as well as safety, AP Motorsport replaces the old headlights with brighter and more efficient LED units. They are still housed in the same circular housings as before which means that the overall styling effect of the front fascia is still intact.

The interior of the AR P4 also retains the basic design language seen in the standard Plus 4, but unlike the standard car, some of the aluminum is left exposed and the Morgan Ar P4 3gauges are updated with all new white-face gauges. In addition, there is also additional sound deadening material in the hood and passenger compartment which should help make weekend cruises more enjoyable than before especially seaside drives and twisty mountain road excursions. 

Buyers will have to act quickly to secure their slice of the 50 car production order, with AR P4 prices starting at 54,995 ($85,200). This is quite the bargain, though it is unknown if any of the 50 will be making there way to the U.S. or if the model will even be offered here at all since the standard car is not sold in the U.S. due to it not meeting our country’s safety and emissions guidelines.

Morgan Unveils 3-Wheeler EV-3 Prototype Ahead Of Goodwood Debut

When we last visited and subsequently reviewed the Morgan 3-Wheeler,  we praised the spirited nature of its V-Twin engine as well as its retro inspired looks. Morgan is always looking to push the boundaries of its hot selling trike even further, and has unveiled the all new EV-3 concept ahead of its official debut at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

While it is currently a one-off prototype at this point, Morgan does plan on putting the tiny EV into production by the end of 2016 and this move would allow the bespoke British car maker to take advantage of the growing trend of electrification. Morgan is currently keeping the full Morgan EV-3 3specifications of the EV-3 a secret, but look for the EV-3 to be an even better performer than its internal combustion sibling.  The potent electric motor is expected to make 101 horsepower (versus the current 82 ponies wielded by the 2.0 liter V-Twin) and would also boast a driving range of 150 miles. As a neat bonus, the new motor will also help cut weight with the EV-3 tipping the scales at a featherweight 992 lbs versus the gasoline variant’s 1,157 lb curb weight.

An idea that has been under development by Morgan since last year, the company claims that the EV-3 is still a prototype and that development is ongoing which means that some figures could very well change when the production version is released. The one item that will certainly not change too much is its exterior styling which loses some of the charm created by the V-Twin hanging up front, but otherwise retains the familiar beetle back Morgan EV-3 2profile that we have come to love and adore here at the Autoinfoquest office. In addition to it standard look, Morgan also released images of the EV-3 boasting vintage salt flat racer inspired styling which features revised front wheels as well as a more aerodynamically friendly body.

Look for the EV-3 to make its official debut at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month, where it will share the spotlight with the recently unveiled Aero 8 convertible.

Morgan Officially Unveils Aero 8 Droptop, Reveals The End Is Near For Aero Coupe And Aero Supersports [Video]

Following a suite of teasers that the company meticulously dropped over the past several months, Morgan has formally unveiled the 2015 Aero 8 roadster a car that not only brings much needed updates to the Aero, but also heralds broader changes in the Aero lineup moving forward.

The exterior styling of the Aero 8 retains the basic retro themed language that made its debut on the old model with features such as the sculpted shoulders, long hood, and Morgan Aero 8 Unveiled 2shortened rear end all being retained. However, Morgan engineers made several minor changes that helps improve the car’s aerodynamics. The convertible top for example is now sheathed under a clam shell trunk lid while an optional add on hardtop adds a dash of style and also signals the end of the current generation Aero Coupe.

The interior of the Aero 8 also retains its retro feel with abundant amounts of wood and leather trim scattered throughout while textured-box woven carpet adds even more luxury and opulence to the car. Like the exterior, Morgan engineers also made subtle tweaks to Morgan Aero 8 Unveiled 3the cabin to help it stand out in an increasingly digital world. A touchscreen infotainment system serves as the spearhead of this new-found modernization, while a new air conditioning system promises better performance especially in warm weather climates. Lastly, buyers can choose optional low slung carbon fiber sport seats that aim to add more support during spirited driving.

The majority of the changes though are found underneath the skin and center mainly around the car’s aluminium chassis which has been substantially improved versus the old Aero and allows the Aero 8 to boast better torsional rigidity which in turn helps improve handling behavior. The suspension has also been stiffened and upgraded in a bid to reduce body roll and encourage better cornering behavior a big plus for owners that use their Aeros as track day weapons. Our lone gripe centers around the 367 horsepower 4.8 liter BMW derived V8 which still retains its naturally aspirated character and forgoes any form of forced induction system ( a feature that appeared to be teased in a video teaser released by the company.) It would have been neat to see the engine make a little more muscle with the help of a supercharger, but an all new limited slip differential unit does allow the engine to deliver its power in a more efficient manner versus its predecessor. All of this power is channeled to the rear wheels through either a six speed manual gearbox, or an optional six speed automatic.

“Morgan cars are synonymous with open top motoring” stated Morgan managing director Steve Morris. “We produce 2-seater sports cars that are lightweight and exhilarating to drive. The new Aero 8 signifies a return to this formula within our flagship range of vehicles. ”

Look for Morgan to begin production of the Aero 8 in the fourth quarter with production of the Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports models ceasing sometime before that. In the meantime, Morgan has released several high resolution images as well as a brief video of the 2015 Aero 8 in action which can both be seen below.





Morgan Releases Final Teaser Image, Confirms Aero 8 Nameplate

With the 2015 Geneva Auto Show only days away, Morgan has released one final teaser image that confirms the official nameplate for its upcoming Aero variant as well as a new glimpse of its distinctive roofline.

This newest teaser reveals that the car will be known as the Aero 8, and represent an evolution of the original Aero 8 which first debuted in 2001 while also joining its Morgan Aero 8 Teaserstablemates the Aero SuperSport and the Aero Coupe in the Morgan lineup. As hinted before in earlier teasers, the Aero 8 will feature an all new roof design, and while this particular image only reveals a small seam in the upper portion of the window frame, it will not be too surprising if the Aero 8 features some form of convertible top that is either removable or can be folded down out of sight under the rear deck of the car.

Morgan also chose to once again not reveal any technical information regarding what engine is lying in wait beneath the Aero 8’s long hood, but based on a prior teaser video that was released as well as what we have seen in other Aero models, we will not be surprised if it is either a supercharged or turbocharged variant of the familiar 4.8 liter BMW derived V8 that powers other Aeros albeit with more power and perhaps slightly higher fuel economy.

Stay tuned to Autoinfoquest for more information on the upcoming Aero 8 as it becomes available, especially with the clock slowly ticking until its world debut March 3rd at the Geneva Auto Show.

Morgan Reveals New Aero Teaser Image, Showcases Exterior Styling

Earlier this month, the folks at Morgan revealed that it would be bringing something new to its strand at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (hinting at an all new variant of the Aero). The company later followed up that initial tease with the release of a brief video clip but has now released a rendering of the mystery variant which showcases the exterior styling of the car (albeit from a side on angle).

While the rendering still retains an aura of mystery surrounding the car’s full exterior styling, there are several key details that can be extracted from the bits that are visible. The exterior design for instance retains the long hood and swooping fender flanks that have come to define the current Aero Coupe and Aero SuperSports roadster. However, the roof section and the rear fascia here are noticeably different. Wheras the current Aero lineup features a traditional sloping fastback style roof line, this model features a more abrupt roof line that comes complete with upright rear glass. It is currently unknown if the roof is a fixed or folding unit, but its design does appear to suggest some form of folding top is possibly in the works.

As revealed before, the new Aero variant would be powered by a forced induction V8 and while we suspect a supercharger will be used, it is still possible that a turbocharger could also be in play. Regardless of which boost method is used, look for it help provide the engine with extra boost which in turn improves performance and fuel economy. The answers to that question and many more will come when the car makes its official debut in March at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

Morgan Releases New Aero Teaser, Forced Induction V8 Confirmed

In a cryptic teaser earlier this month, Morgan revealed that it had a new offering in the pipeline that the company planned to bring to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Morgan has followed through with a new teaser video which helps shed a bit more light on the company’s upcoming Aero based offering.

While the video follows the initial teasers theme in not revealing much of anything, it does provide a subtle glimpse at the interior which will feature quilted leather seats and follows the tried and true tradition of hand crafted quality that has come to define many Morgan offerings. However it is in the actual audio track of the video where a key clue emerges when one listens very carefully.

The sound of an engine revving is always a good indicator of whats under the hood, and based on what our finely honed ear is hearing, it appears that not only will the new Aero variant retain its V8 power plant, but will also feature some form of forced induction thanks to the telltale whine that is heard in various parts of the video. While Morgan has not confirmed what type of induction the engine is using, we suspect a supercharger is involved and that it could herald the arrival of a supercharged variant of either the Aero Supersports roadster, or the Aero Coupe. Both models currently used a naturally aspirated 4.8 liter BMW sourced V8 engine which is good for 367 horsepower, and allows the car to make the sprint to 62 mph in 4.5 seconds, however expect the supercharger to help deliver improved ratings in both categories while also allowing the Aero to achieve slightly better fuel economy as well.

Look for more detailed information to be revealed closer to its official Geneva debut, but in the meantime, Morgan has released a brief video of the new Aero which can be seen below.