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Autoinfoquest Reviews The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Press Kit

It’s not too often that we get a press kit that garners a unique review opportunity, but with FCA recently handing out a press kit that doubled as a board game at the 2016 North American International Auto Show earlier this week. We decided to see how a board game that was designed to be a marketing tool would work, so we rolled up our sleeves, pulled out the board game, and sought to find out turn by turn.

Known formally as “The Race To The Family Reunion” The game centers around getting your 2017 Pacifica from one end of the board to the other, as you also try to beat your 20160116_171144opponent to the “family reunion”. The fore-mentioned board is a travel sized unit that folds out to roughly the size of a bench type table (after getting it out of its suitcase style carrying case). The two compact work tables here at the Autoinfoquest offices managed to fit the board like a glove, and it also proved to be a fun playing surface with colorful images of Detroit and Metro Detroit landmarks including the Spirit Of Detroit Statue as well as the Detroit Zoo.

The game can be played with 2-4 players, so I invited my girlfriend Emily over to the office to serve as my opponent.  FCA says that the game is suitable for players that are 3 and up, but with the small die, we recommend leaving this game to kids 6 and up. Game play is relatively quick and easy to understand with your turn ending on the last blank space your 20160116_171243colored Pacifica piece lands on. Landing on a space with an exclamation point forces you to draw a card, and perform the action as listed. Some cards allow you to move forward 3 to 4 spaces, while others either send you backwards, or in rare instances back to start. The cards themselves serve as the main marketing tools here, highlighting each of the Pacifica’s various traits with the all new UConnect Theater system making two card related appearances.

As mentioned earlier, the pace of game play is relatively quick, so me and Emily decided to add a rule where each player had to roll either the same number of spaces or less to advance to the finish line. This not only made it more fun, but also allowed the game to last a little while longer which was a big plus.

Overall the game managed to do quite well in both its intended purpose, as well as its fun factor which is rare for a formal marketing tool. Hopefully more automakers will embrace the creativity that FCA has always had with its press kits, and we look forward to seeing what the automakers will have in store for the 2016 Chicago Auto Show in February.