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Mercedes-Maybach Showcases G650 Landaulet

Ever wondered what would happen if you took the superbly capable G-Wagen SUV, and infused it with the opulent luxury that the Maybach brand can only provide? Mercedes-Maybach has provided the result of this mad scientist-esque cocktail, the limited production G650 Landaulet.

G650 Landaulet

The Landaulet is a stretched version of the iconic G-Class, but stands out thanks to its soft top, as well as its foot high ground clearance. The G Wagen is already a uniquely awesome beast to drive on and off the road, but the highlight feature lies above the rear axle.

650 Landaulet

Normally, the G-Wagen’s rear seat accomodations are on the tight side, but the stretched wheelbase on the Landaulet allowed Maybach designers to create a cocoon like rear space with indvidual leather seats borrowed from the Maybach badged S-Class.

650 Landaulet

The seats can coddle occupants with a hot massage, or fully recline for passengers that like to stretch out and relax on long journeys. The center console features switches that allow passengers to raise or lower the glass partition, as well as operate the power top.

Performance for the Landaulet comes from the familiar 6.0 liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine that makes 630 horsepower and 730 lb-ft of torque. All of this muscle is sent to all four wheels through an automatic transmission which promises to make this limo-esque vehicle a rocket at any speed.

650 Landaulet

Meanwhile, Unimog inspired portal axles help give 17-inches of ground clearance, and also amp up the G-Wagen’s already impressive off-road capabilities. Look for this to be a highlight with well heeled guests when trekking off the beaten path.

Mercedes-Maybach plans to only build 99 examples of the G650 Landaulet, and will ship the first units to dealerships this fall. Pricing as well as avalibility were not released, but look for a small batch of examples to already be spoken for ahead of its official debut.

Mercedes=Maybach Concept 6

Mercedes-Maybach Concept 6 Blends EV Power And Slick Styling

Following on the heels of a meticulous campaign of online teaser images, Mercedes has unveiled the Mercedes-Maybach Concept 6 ahead of its debut at Pebble Beach.

Said to be inspired by the aero coupe body style that was popularized in the 1900’s, the 18.5 foot long coupe is larger than life, and puts a heavy emphasis on style and flair. This is apparent with its long flowing hood, low roofline, andMercedes Maybach Concept 6 “boat tail” style rear end. The front grille of the concept was inspired by a pin-stripe suit, and designers even incorporated a split rear window. The concept rounds things out with 24-inch wheels borrowed from the Concept IAA.

The interior of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 was designed around the idea of a 360-degree lounge and as a result features flowing lines which draws the eyes to the futuristic center console that fuses with the twin bucket seats. The Mercedes-Maybach Concept 6control layout is also sci-fi themed and features a wrap around glass panel that delivers readouts for maps and seat settings. The windshield gets in on the act as well, and is designed to provide readings that augment with the outside world. It can deliver route guidance and vehicle speed with selections being controlled by gestures versus formal buttons.

The car even features trick “body sensors” that can monitor occupants and adjust climate and massage functions on the fly. As a bonus, it can even discern clothing color and can adjust the interior lighting to match a particular outfit. With all of this technology on hand, it’s comforting to know that the concept still features traditional Mercedes touches like supple leather and open pore wood accents.

Performance for the Mercedes-Maybach 6 comes from four electric motors that are placed at each wheel. They also help enhance the all-wheel drive system , and produce a combined 738 horsepower which is enough to allow the big coupe to rocket to 60 mph in less than four seconds with a final top Mercedes Maybach Concept 6speed of 155 mph. A battery placed low in the concept’s chassis provides juice and allows the concept to boast a 200 mile driving range with an additional 62 miles being added via a quick charge system. The Mercedes-Maybach 6 can be charged either through a traditional cord, or an electric force field.

Mercedes doesn’t have plans to put the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept into formal production as it sits now. However, some of its styling cues as well as select elements of its technology suite could make its way into upcoming Mercedes products.

Mercedes Teases Maybach Coupe, Could Be Unveiled In Paris

Ever since Mercedes Benz dusted off the Maybach nameplate a few years ago, the German car company has not done a whole lot with the vaunted nameplate. In fact the only recent use was slapping the badge on the range topping S600 and adding more luxury to its resume. All of this will be changing soon however thanks to a shadowy teaser image that Mercedes released on all of its social media channels.

Immediately recognizable as a Maybach thanks to its C-pillar mounted badging, this massive coupe could be a modern interpretation of the Exelero which dazzled the world in the early 2000’s, and transformed into a one-off production model that brought 700 horsepower into a highly comfort oriented package. Everything about this concept is massive from the long hood, to the aggressively toned windshield rake as well as the aerodynamically honed tail suggests that this coupe could surpass 200 mph with little effort.

It is currently unknown what Mercedes will ultimately call this ultra luxurious two door, but as mentioned earlier, it will be a big coupe with Mercedes claiming in a caption that the concept  is exactly six meters long (19.6 feet) which makes it a full three feet longer than a comparable S-Class coupe, and a whopping four feet longer than the Bentley Continental GT.  This is an impressive figure, and I am eager to see how a vehicle of these proportions looks in person especially in regards to stylistic execution.

Mercedes chose not to reveal any further details about the sleek coupe in its release, but look for more information to trickle out before the formal start of the auto show season in two months when the 2016 Paris Motor Show takes place. Its possible that the company could tease the concept all the way into October, but more likely than not, a formal unveiling will take place sometime before then.