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Project ONE Unleashed, Mercedes-AMG Reveals Valkyrie Slaying Hypercar

After months of rumors, speculation, as well as a lone teaser image. Mercedes-AMG has at long last unveiled the Project ONE hypercar, which aims to seek and destroy all in its niche segment when it is unleashed on the road.

As expected, the exterior styling of this near production concept was designed with pure purpose and intent. The whole body of this visually stunning masterpiece is crafted out of carbon fiber monocoque, while the front fenders rise above the wheels and transition to the rear and its ultra wide tail lights. However, the detail that stands out the most in our eyes is the roof mounted scoop that channels air to the F1 derived V6 that lurks underneath.

Unlike other race derived engines, this spunky 1.6 liter actually uses F1 technology, and boasts a staggering 11,000 revs before it hits the limiter. To help avoid valve float, traditional valves and springs have been replaced with pneumatic valve controls, while an electrically operated turbocharger pumps even more cool air into the engine. Mercedes-AMG claims that all these radical tweaks help Project ONE have 40 percent thermal efficiency, as well as produce “over” 671 horsepower when linked to the electric motors.

Speaking of the front wheel mounted electric motors, they make 161 horsepower each, and can rev up to 50,000 rpms. The lithium ion batteries that power the motors only weigh 220 lbs, and have four times more cells than the batteries in the Mercedes F1 W06 hybrid race car. Mercedes also revealed that the system runs at 800 volts, which is double the voltage typically used in the firm’s other plug-in systems.

The interior of Project ONE is perhaps the most extreme form of function over style we have ever seen. A Formula 1 inspired steering wheel greets the driver’s hands, while a color display replaces conventional gauges. A second screen is also mounted on the center stack but other than that, many typical luxury and entertainment features have been pitched for the sake of weight savings. This follows in line with another recently unveiled hypercar, the Aston Martin Valkyrie which also sheds luxury features for the sake of maximum performance. The seats themselves are very spartan, but Mercedes engineers did retain power adjust-ability for the pedals and steering wheel so that the Project ONE can be experienced by a wide range of drivers.

All of this power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an eight speed automated manual transmission designed exclusively for Project ONE, with pushrod coil over suspension helping to keep the car straight and solid through even the twistiest of turns. This should please lucky buyers, while also causing sleepless nights for the Valkyrie, as well as the McLaren P1.

With all of this power, and potent race ready technology, it’s no surprise that  Project ONE will be a very limited release, with Mercedes-AMG only producing 275 copies before production ends. Buyers looking to pre-order one for their garage will have to keep their checkbooks at home since the whole production run is already sold out with each example going for $2.27 million each.



Mercedes Teases Project ONE Hypercar

The trail of teasers and statements surrounding the much hyped Project ONE hypercar are nearing the home stretch. With the Frankfurt Auto Show fast approaching, Mercedes-Benz has upped the ante by releasing a shadowy teaser image.

The lone image does not reveal very much, but the few elements that do stick out of the darkness offer compelling clues to the car’s wild capabilities. Mercedes claims that the Project ONE is “a two-seater supersports showcar” and it serves as the current pinnacle of the German auto giants engineering capabilities.

However, its also safe to call the Project ONE a road going Le Mans prototype with a Formula 1 engine. In fact, Project ONE evokes memories of the fabled CLK-GTR supercar. Unlike that model though, the Project ONE will be a visually innovative look into the future, especially with its performance hardware. This includes the Formula 1 grade engine and hybrid system, as well as the electronic systems.

The roof mounted scoop also hints at the aerodynamic tweaks that are in store for this car with much of the inspiration coming from Le Mans spec race cars. Look for the interior to invoke function over form with many racing elements and materials being used instead of the usual assortment of leather, wood, and other luxuries that define typical Benz models.

Performance for the Project ONE comes from a 1.6 liter turbocharged V6 that incorporates hybrid assistance technology and is largely based on the setup that sees duty in the 2015 Mercedes-AMG W06 Formula 1 hybrid car. Naturally, the engine will be reworked for road use with Mercedes claiming that it can last for 31,000 miles between rebuilds. This is impressive considering that the engine has a rev limit of over 10,000 rpm and packs “over 1000 horsepower.” This is achieved with the help of four electric motors with two mounted on the engine, and the remaining pair on the front axle.

When the Project ONE makes its debut in Frankfurt, it will appear as a near production prototype with the first deliveries expected to take place in 2019. Don’t bother pre-ordering through your local dealer unless you have done so already. Mercedes-Benz is only making 275 copies, with all of them being pre-sold for a cool $2.6 million each.

Mercedes-AMG Showcases Limited Edition GT3 Edition 50

Mercedes is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its AMG performance in bold fashion and has unveiled the limited edition of its Mercedes-AMG GT3 racer as part of the broader festivities.

Dubbed the AMG GT3 Edition 50, this special edition model is based off of the standard GT3 race car which was first introduced to the world two years ago at the Geneva Motor Show. Unlike that model however, the AMG GT3 50 features everla unique upgrades that aim to make it standout on the race track. For starters, the Edition 50 is bathed in a “real black” color which is actually a slick matte black finish. The appearance of this color is the first time that an AMG car has ever been equipped with this type of paint.

Each door features a “50 YEARS OF DRIVING” logo made out of carbon fiber, and even the seat belts get in on the act thanks to a stitched “AMG 50 YEARS OF DRIVING” emblem. Other than these minor tweaks, the bulk of the styling is largely unchanged which is a good thing given how sinister it already looks.

The performance hardware also carries over largely unchanged with the 6.2 liter “hand built” V8 still lurking under the hood. However, AMG engineers have slightly tweaked the exhaust system, and the Edition 50 sidelines the restrictor plates, which in turn increases power. While this may hinder its ability to be raced on some circuits, we are confident that the extra noise and velocity will be appreciated by both owners and racing fans.

As a bonus, each AMG GT3 Edition 50 will be delivered to buyers at AMG’s  headquarters in Affalterbach with buyers also having the opportunity to participate in a one on one racetrack coaching session to allow them to better wield their potent track weapons when thrashing them around the twists and turns of the world’s racing circuits. They will also be able to do so with impeccable timing thanks to the Ingenieur Chronograph Sport Edition “50th Anniversary of Mercedes-AMG” watch that will be provided by IWC Schaffhausen.

Buyers looking to add an Edition 50 GT3 to their paddock will have to contend with the biggest difference between it and the normal GT3, volume. Unlike the “standard” GT3, Mercedes will produce only five examples of the Edition 50 with each example arriving with its own distinct number plaque.

Mercedes Unveils GT Roadster, Offers Two Flavors Of Fun [Video]

Seeking to finally put a stake through the heart of rampant rumors and speculation about a topless GT, Mercedes-AMG has formally unveiled the GT Roadster which aims to steal sales from the Porsche 911 droptop while reasserting the company’s plans to expand its performance footprint.

As reported in our last GT related report, the car will be offered in two distinct flavors that seek to please a wide range of buyer tastes. The base model simply called the GT Roadster GT C rear shotuses the coupe’s 4.0 Liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes a healthy 469 horsepower, and allows the car to hit 60 mph in 3.9 seconds and reach a top speed of 188 mph.

The up-level GT C wields a highly modified version of the base 4.0 liter that’s good for 550 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque. This newfound power allows the GT C to make the sprint to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and hit a higher top speed of 196 mph. This is on par with the benchmark 911 turbo, but is a few digits shy of the F-Type SVR and its 198 mph top speed.

Both models channel their muscle to the rear wheels through a seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission that is controlled by GT C front shotshift paddles and incorporates a limited slip differential. The GT C stands out however thanks to the addition of an electronically operated differential as well as a model exclusive Race mode for its drive mode selector. The GT C also embodies its bolder attitude with visually distinctive exterior styling wider wheel arches and a novel electronic four wheel steering system borrowed from the GT R.

The interior of both models doesn’t stray too far from the base GT design theme, but the GT C brings sportier instruments and performanceGT Roadster interior oriented sport seats to the festivities wheras the base GT Roadster focuses more on comfort and luxury versus outright track readiness. A key aspect for both models is their retractable three layer cloth top. This was chosen over a bulkier hardtop due to the weight savings it provides, and it can be open or closed in 11 seconds speeds up to 31 mph. The top is also avalible in three hues black, red, or beige.

The Mercedes-AMG GT and GT C roadsters are slated to make their public debut in a couple weeks at the Paris Motor Show before arriving in showrooms next year. Pricing information has not been released as of yet, but look for both models to command a premium price versus their coupe counterparts. In the meantime Mercedes-AMG has released a brief video of the duo in action which can be seen below.



Mercedes-AMG Teases GT C Roadster [Video]

Mercedes-AMG has released a lone teaser video that previews the upcoming GT C Roadster ahead of its debut in Paris.

While the video does not provide a detailed look at the car, the footage does collaborate with an earlier report that suggested the German company was planning to introduce two diffrent convertible variants at the Paris Motor Show. The first model would essentially be a topless version of the current GT coupe. Like that model, the roadster is expected to arrive with a twin-turbocharged 4.0 Liter V8 that would make 456 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. The convertible’s slightly higher curb weight will make the model slightly slower to 60 mph than the coupe, with the car projected to complete the deed in just under four seconds.

The second model would be dubbed the GT C and it would serve as a border between the GT S and the recently unveiled 577 horsepower GT R variant. Its official performance figures as well as broader technological information have not been released, but horsepower is expected to reflect its role as the middle child of the lineup  and ring in at 540 horsepower.

Both models will come equipped with a folding cloth top which was chosen over a more complex hardtop due to its simpler design, and the weight savings that it would provide. The base roadster’s styling will largely mirror its coupe sibling, while the GT C will most likely have its own unique identity front and rear.

Mercedes for its part has remained quiet on the subject so far (other than this teaser video) and it will be interesting to see if they donly Indeed bring two roadsters to the Paris Motor Show.