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Italian Supercar Maker Teases Millecavalli Coupe

A small boutique Italian supercar maker called Mazzanti Automobili has revealed that it plans to build a wilder version of its Evantra supercar with the new model producing over 1,000 horsepower.

Currently the Evantra is the only model that Mazzanti produces but that has not stopped the small boutique brand from gathering a small following amid well heeled supercar buyers. the new model is dubbed the Millecavalli, and is a portmanteau that means “a thousand horsepower” in Italian. ┬áIt is Millecavalli 1currently unknown what engine is exactly powering this beast, but Mazzanti did reveal that it is a mid-mounted twin turbocharged 7.2 liter V8. A prime suspect is an evolution of the standard Evantra’s engine which is a 7.0 liter V8 that is borrowed from the C6 Chevrolet Corvette.

With such a strong foundation to start with, it is no surprise that the Millecavalli is capable of some mind blowing performance figures with 0 to 60 being reached in a scant 2.7 seconds. Look for the final top speed to be well over 200 mph with the transmission possibly being a revamped version of the unit that sees duty in the Evantra.

In addition to its potent performance figures, the Millecavalli also boasts sleek styling that is a blend of elegant good lucks and brute functionality. A meaty front splitter compliments the vents that have been cut into the hood Millecavalli 5while deep side skirts as well as a massive wing out back further accent the look and serve as a visual exclamation point. The door handles location behind the wheel arches appears to suggest that the Evantra’s suicide doors have been retained an interesting choice since they are a heavier type of door configuration.

Mazzanti Automobili will be revealing the Evantra Millecavalli next week at the Turin Auto Show. Production will be limited to 25 units with each Millecavalli boasting a $1 million dollar base price with that figure expected to go higher after options and fees are factored into the equation. It is highly unlikely that this car will make the jump to the U.S. market due to our country’s stricter safety and emission regulations. However, that could change if Mazzanti has sufficient demand from U.S. buyers, and the fact that it uses a Corvette engine originally built to comply with U.S. laws could help give the company an edge when it comes to converting the engine for our market.