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Lexus To Debut LS 500 F Sport In New York

Following on the heels of the LS 500’s debut in Detroit, as well as the Geneva debut of its eco friendly sibling the LS 500h. Lexus has revealed that it will complete the circle with the New York debut of the sport tuned LS 500 F Sport.

Like its siblings, the F Sport will be built on Lexus’s all new GA-L platform which is already the stiffest LS architecture ever produced. Lexus claims that the F Sport will make full use of its stiffness which should translate into possibly offering a tweaked suspension as well as other minor modifications.

The lone teaser image Lexus released does not reveal too much about the exterior styling, but it does confirm that sporty elements will be at the forefront here. These cues include tinted tailights, a gloss black diffuser, intergrated dual exhaust system, and prominent F-Sport badge.

Look for the car to also come equipped with the Lexus Dynamic Handling Package as well as the Lexus Safety System+pack. Beefier brakes help improve stopping distances while a limited slip differential could help sharpen power distribution.

Lexus will be unveiling the LS 500 F Sport on April 12th in New York at the Jacob Javitz Cinvention Center. Stay tuned to for our live coverage of the New York Auto Show including the unveiling of the LS 500 F Sport.

2018 Lexus LS500 front fascia

Lexus Unveils 2018 LS500 Flagship Sedan

Seeking to reinvigorate the magic that defined the introduction of the original LS sedan at the 1989 North American International Auto Show, Lexus celebrated 28 years of LS production by unveiling the 2018 LS500 under the bright lights of Cobo Hall.

The exterior styling of the 2018 LS500 is a bold departure from the previous generation car, and wheras that model looked like its sporty bits were tacked on with 2018 Lexus LS500 rearglue. This new LS features a unified look and boldly incorporates a coupe like silhouette which helps the car look much more aggressive, and also helps it stand out against the BMW 7-Series, Audi A8, and the decidedly more elegance oriented Mercedes S-Class.

The interior of the 2018 LS500 has also been improved, and it is easily perhaps one of the most beautiful interiors currently offered in the luxury flagship class. Lexus designers fully embraced the Omotanashi principle, and sought to raise the bar in terms of comfort and luxury. All new seat designs lead the charge, and can now be equipped with heat, cooling, and massage capability. They can also be adjusted 28 different ways, and do a great job coddling occupants in world class comfort.

The rest of the cabin is a lush swath of leather, metal, and wood trim elements with Lexus designers trying to achieve a “seat in control” layout which means that drivers can operate all the various functions without changing posture. This nice touch is 2018 LS500 interiorfurther accented by an organically designed dashboard that is a big time improvement over the previous generation car. Lexus designers paid very close attention to detail, and it shows in the ambient lighting elements which were said to be partially inspired by Japanese lanterns, and also accent the door mounted arm rests, which appear to float in the air when viewed from certain angles.

The woodwork however truly steals the show, and was inspired by Shimamoku wood patterns. The cross-grain appearance of the wood helps it visually pop when compared to traditional Shimamoku wood, thanks in part to the bolder patterns and the greater transitions between light and dark.  

Lexus engineers clearly thought outside the box when it came to performance. Wheras the old car (as well as its rivals) feature V8 engines, Lexus pitched the eight cylinder, and instead replaced it with an all new 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. Good for a healthy 415 horsepower and an equally impressive 442 lb-ft of torque, the twin-turbochargers in this engine were developed with input from the brand’s F1 program, and incorporate race ready technology in their design. The end result is not only sizable gains from the current generation LS, but also a lightning quick 4.5 second 0 to 60 time. The new engine featured here in the LS is a clear indicator of the dynamic approach being taken by Lexus especially in regards to its mission of offering V8 like performance but without sacrificing fuel economy.

The 2018 LS is also the second Lexus in the lineup to come equipped with a 10 speed automatic transmission. This makes sense considering that its GA-L platform is a derivative of the underpinnings that define the two door LC500 coupe. The transmission  is a conventional torque converter type unit, but yet, it aims to deliver shift times that would put some dual-clutch transmissions to shame. This would be awesome if it is true, and we look forward to seeing first hand in the near future.

The 2018 LS500 features steering wheel mounted shift paddles, but expect the majority of its elite clientele to let the computer do the work for them especially Lexus LSsince the electronic control system monitors braking, acceleration, and lateral g-forces in order to help pick a gear ratio that is suitable for whatever driving situation is thrown at it.

While Lexus chose to not release any pricing data for today’s unveiling, the company did reveal that the LS500 will go on sale towards the end of the year with more information including fuel economy, and other figures being released closer to its official launch date.


Lexus To Debut Next Generation LS Sedan At NAIAS

When Lexus first unleashed the LS flagship sedan at the North American International Auto Show back in 1989, it was a big gamble for a young brand that was making its debut in the luxury automobile market. However, its combination of technology, performance, and style helped it and the Lexus brand as a whole grow into a successful powerhouse in the segment. 28 years later, Lexus is aiming to recreate this success with the unveiling of the 2017 Lexus LS sedan in the very venue that started it all.

Lexus claims that this iteration will be a true world class flagship offering, and will debut an all new styling theme that is said to boast a coupe-like sillhouette. This has us excited, especially since the more conventional current gen LS looks awkward, and has fallen behind stylish entries from BMW and Mercedes. It will be interesting to see what the full extent of the design is, but expect a renewed emphasis on sport and elegance.

Look for the revamped interior to also follow this mantra, and take a few pages out of the LC 500’s playbook especially with its dash and gauge layout. The platform (dubbed GA-L) is an extended version of the LC’s, and is expected to bring new levels of vigor and sharpness to the car’s handling manners.

Expect more details and teaser images to gradually be revealed over the next few weeks before its debut at NAIAS and stay tuned to Autoinfoquest for our live look at the 2017 Lexus LS in all of its glory.

Lexus LC 500 Set To Debut At NAIAS

The Lexus LF-LC Concept has certainly done wonders for Lexus design since it was introduced roughly four years ago. From kicking off the spindle grille revolution, to its swoopy lines being transplanted to recent Lexus offerings, the impact of the LF-LC has certainly been widespread. However, the notable absence in its otherwise impressive list of achievements is a full on production version of the elegant two door coupe, but that could change if a new report is to be believed.

According to the folks at the production version of the concept –known tentatively as the LC 500– will make its formal debut in January at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Its debut has been a long time coming with prior reports suggesting that Lexus gave the official green light for production back in 2013. While rumors suggested that it would revive the SC moniker that was used on the SC 400 and the SC 430 roadster, this appears to not be the plan since the company recently filed patent requests for both the LC 500 moniker as well as “LC 500h” hinting that a hybrid variant is in the pipeline.

Performance for the LC 500 will most likely come from the 5.0 liter V8 that also sees duty in the RC F and GS F. While the addition of this V8 is certainly no surprise, it is in regards to the transmission where things take a surprising twist. According to the folks at Motoring, Lexus engineers could eschew the brands traditional eight speed transmission and instead equip an all new 10-speed Aisin sourced automatic transmission to the LC coupe. This transmission would make the LC 500 the first formal production car to ever be equipped with such a transmission, and would also serve as a golden opportunity to see how a 10-speed unit would work in passenger vehicles versus their usual place in commercial trucks.

As for what is in store for the LC 500h, Motoring claims that a 3.5 liter V6 based hybrid drive system would provide the motivation with early horsepower estimates checking in at about 470 horsepower. This setup would be different from the current arraignment seen in the GS 450h. As expected from a sleek two door coupe, a performance based F variant is also most likely in the works and its estimated 600 horsepower rating would put it in the same league as established rivals such as the Mercedes SL63/65 AMG as well as the BMW M6.

Lexus for its part has so far not issued an official comment on the validity of Motoring’s report, but look for more information to gradually make its way into the limelight during the next few weeks with clearer signs possibly being seen closer to the Detroit Auto Show.


Lexus Teases GS F Performance Model Ahead Of NAIAS Debut

Over the past several weeks, Lexus has dropped several hints regarding the newest member of its performance oriented “F” model family. However, with the 2015 North American International Auto Show only days away, Lexus has pull the veil off of its latest F model, the Lexus GS F performance sedan which will thunder its way into Detroit next week bringing the performance that has come to define the newly resurgent F brand, but in a practical four door package.

The GS F is the second model in the F lineup, and joins the existing RC F coupe in its mission of giving Lexus buyers the opportunity to obtain a vehicle that can go toe to toe with rivals from BMW and Audi. The exterior styling of the GS F carries on with the basic LEX-GSF-MY16-001styling theme seen in other F models which includes a blacked out mesh grille, grey mesh wheels, quad exhaust tips, and model exclusive “F” fender badging which makes it stand out from the base GS.

Enthusiasts wondering whether the larger platform and increased interior room will blunt the car;s performance in any way will be pleased to hear that the GS F weighs in at only 4,034 lbs which is very close to the RC F’s slightly lighter curb weight. The car will also come equipped with a stiffer unibody than the GS350 F Sport that it is based on. This enhanced stiffness helps improve handling, and allows the GS F to attack corners much more aggressively than before.

Performance hardware is shared with the RC F which means the 5.0 liter V8 and its stout 467 horsepower are present and accounted for with peak power arriving at 7,100 RPM. The engine’s 389 lb-ft of torque is also available at a relatively low 4,800 and 5,600 RPM with all 2014.12.10of this muscle being channeled through the brand’s familiar eight speed automatic transmission. The RC F’s trick electronic torque vectoring differential also transitions over to the GS F, and helps improve the engine’s power delivery to the rear wheels. The interior retains much of the basic layout that is seen in other GS models but the upgraded thrones, interior trim, and other model exclusive touches help it stand out from its siblings while also being on par with rivals at the same time.


The GS F is one of two models that the brand plans to bring to the 2015 North American International Auto Show  next week and while the second model has not been revealed as LEX-GSF-MY16-0011of this writing. Look for more information to possibly trickle out in the coming days. Stay tuned to Autoinfoquest for further details as well as live images from Cobo Hall when the duo are officially unveiled to the world at the 2015 North American International Auto Show.