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Koenigsegg XS front angle

Koenigsegg Unveils Insanely Awesome Agera XS

The folks at Koenigsegg have always had a knack for wowing the world with their unique take on the supercar. Our particular favorite here in the humble Autoinfoquest offices is the Agera, and the Swedish supercar maker has once again wowed us out of our collective shoes with the all new Agera XS.

Commissioned and even named by a U.S. customer, the XS is essentially a road legal version of the track only RS, and will visually stand out thanks to its bright “Karosserie Orange” paintwork ┬áthat incorporates a diamond dust-esque metallic effect, and is complimented nicely with a healthyKoenigsegg front close up dose of carbon fiber trim. The center stripe even gets in on the theme, and is made from carbon fiber as well. The XS also features model exclusive bodywork which was chosen by the collector who purchased the car (see a theme here) and it has the distinction of having the biggest rear wing ever mounted onto a Koenigsegg offering.

The interior of the XS is largely a function over form affair, but it stands out thanks to black Alcantara accents and orange contrast stitching. However, the interior still features some goodies to make driving it a bit more livable and Koenigsegg interiorincludes Apple CarPlay, a hydraulic lifting system, as well as a smart airbag system. Koenigsegg’s distinctive design flair for the gauges as well as the center console is still present and accounted for which should please the lucky owner.

Other than the wild body work and the equally bright paint scheme, the XS’s performance hardware is largely unchanged from the standard RS which means the supercar is still powered by the 1,160 horsepower 5.0 liter twin turbo V8 and is mated to the RS’s seven speed paddle shift transmission.

In addition to unveiling the XS, the company will also use its festivities in Monterey to debut the production version of the Regera which will be the first hybrid model that the company has ever produced. Don’t let its green intentions fool you, this slick flagship still packs 1,500 horsepower and is more than capable of outshining other hypercar entries.

Koenigsegg Sells All 25 Agera RS Models It Will Build, Ends Production

Looking to get your hands on one of the 25 Agera RS models that Koenigsegg revealed late last year? Your time is up due to the company selling all 25 examples of the car.

When the RS was unveiled alongside its Regera flagship model at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg claimed that it was designed to be the ultimate Agera model with elements from both the Agera R and S models with a pinch of One:1 traits for good measure. The end result was a track focused 1,160 horsepower missile that just barely qualified as a street legal car. The RS was also the first model that was formally unleashed on the North American market with the company earmarking a sliver of the production run for two buyers one in the U.S. and the other in Canada.

Koenigsegg claimed that it took just 10 months for all 25 units to be sold. While 25 units is a rather small figure, its quite impressive not only when you factor in its seven figure price tag, but also that 10 cars were already pre-sold before its formal debut. This brisk pace also helped the RS make company history, and emerge as the fastest selling model that Koenigsegg ever produced. In addition to the two that will be heading to North America, one will be headed to the UK before the rest of them get shipped off to buyers in the Middle East and Asia. All 25 cars will make their trek down the production line before the end of the year, with the final car expected to be completed and delivered by 2017.

Koenigsegg Confirms Regera And Agera RS For U.S.

In a statement released earlier today, Koenigsegg revealed that both the Agera RS and the Regera flagship are coming to the U.S. market.

The bespoke Swedish supercar maker will kick off the festivities with the Agera RS which is a track focused variant that will still be street legal. Only 25 examples will be built, with all of them sold out before it’s official debut on the auto show circuit. In fact, four of them have already Koenigsegg_AgeraRS_rearrolled off the assembly line while another six are currently in various states of construction. The seventh car (known as chassis #128) is special, and will be the first unit that’s both homologated and road legal for U.S streets.

“The USA has not been a strong market for Koenigsegg in historical terms – the vast majority of our cars are sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia – but the USA is a market we are dedicating more of time to with the release of the Agera RS and the Regera” the company revealed in a statement. “Gaining US homologation is a complex and expensive process that has to be re-done with each new model variant, but it’s one we committed ourselves to sometime ago.”

Despite the RS just barely crossing into the world of road legality, lucky buKoenigsegg_AgeraRS_interior_dashboardyers will have to be careful with the throttle to avoid going over the speed limit. The RS is 88 lbs lighter than its predecessors, and wields a 5.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 that makes a mind bending 1160 horsepower on regular fuel. The RS can also shimmy its way around corners too thanks to aerodynamic enhancements that help generate up to 1.75Gs of lateral acceleration.

The Regera on the other hand goes into a completely different realm of the market and focuses more on luxury than performance thanks to comfortable memory foam seats, and Koenigsegg_Regera_fronttwista carefully crafted plush ride when the car is not set in Sport mode. It’s hybrid system features a uniquely tuned twin turbocharged V8 that is paired with electric motors to produce 1,500 horsepower and 1,475 lb-ft of torque. This is not only more power than the Bugatti Veyron, but is also equal with its replacement the Chiron. The Regera also beats the Veyron in the sprint to its 249 mph top speed with the brisk Swede doing the deed in just 20 seconds which is twice as fast as the fore-mentioned Veyron.

The first U.S. Agera RS is expected to be delivered in the second half of 2016. The Regera’s launch date is unknown, but look for more information to be revealed early next year possibly during the Geneva Motor Show.