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Karma Revero

Karma Details Revero Sedan, Announces Pricing

Following up on Karma’s previous remarks regarding its upcoming Revero EV sedan, the Chinese backed firm has revealed new details about the reborn Fisker Karma including its official pricing as well as technical specs.

As mentioned in our last report, the Revero as well as Karma itself was born from the ruins of Fisker after its purchase by Wanxiang, and as a result, the Revero shares much of its styling with the Karma. However the Revero stands out from its ancestor thanks to several subtle details including its hand painted badging, minor styling tweaks, and a revised version of the Karma’s solar panel roof.

Numerous rumors claimed that the Revero would be powered by a BMW sourced engine, however the folks at Autoblog¬†have learned that the Revero will not follow this route, and instead retain the long in the tooth, but still potent 260 horsepower turbocharged four cylinder that saw duty in its predecessor as well as older GM products including the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, and the Chevrolet Cobalt SS. However, the electric side of the equation has gotten much better thanks to the availability of a 40 kWh DC fast charging system, as well as upgrades for the on-board charger that is now capable of charging at 6.6 kW versus the old unit’s 3.3 kW.

The battery still retains its A123 based roots, and even retains the same battery cell technology. But Karma engineers have improved capacity, and the battery is now capable of holding 21.4 kWh of juice which allows the Revero to not only have a 50 mile driving range on electricity alone, but also allow it to make the sprint to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds with both systems engaged (an improvement of 1 second over the old car.)

The interior of the Fisker Karma was always well regarded for its design but the sluggish, gimmicky, and unreliable infotainment system that came bundled with it proved to be a formidable ball and chain that dogged the car until the end of its production run. Karma resolved to right this wrong, and completely overhauled the system thanks to assistance from Rightware and its Kanzi UI software. It promises to have better response and image sharpness. Rightware for its part is very proud of the changes that it made to the system while promising that the new unit will offer ” a highly responsive and engaging¬†user experience user experience with integrated access to HVAC and infotainment functions making them easily accessible with just a few touches. The system runs at a solid 60 frames per second and responds to touch instantly.”

Reflecting the strong dominance of Apple in the infotainment game, the Revero will initially launch with only Apple CarPlay before adding Android Auto capability at a later date. Karma has not released any detailed images of the interior, but look for it to retain many of its old Fisker cues albeit with minor revisions to keep things fresh for buyers.

Karma revealed that it is currently taking orders for the Revero with the base price starting at $130,000. Buyers looking to order online will have to wait until the end of September, and look for the price to inflate accordingly if the car is equipped with optional goodies, bespoke paint, and interior frills.

Karma Revero

Karma Automotive Unveils Revero Sedan [Video]

When the newly created company Karma Automotive revealed the it was going good to build the Revero sedan, it was no secret that it would be largely based on the Fisker Karma sedan. However, newly released details reveal that there is plenty of differences between the two.

First and foremost we might as well address the figurative gorilla in the room, and that’s the Revero’s exterior styling. As expected, it shares a large chunk of its roots with the Fisker, and even retains that model’s solar panel laden roof. However the folks at at Karma claim that energy generated “will power the whole car.” This sounds fascinating to us, but more details will be needed to truly find out if the roof is indeed capable of achieving this feat. In the meantime, Karma claims that “No other vehicle sold in the U.S. has ever offered this capability. Our owners consider our solar roof an important element in our brand identity, and we listened.”

In perhaps one of the more unorthodox signs of the levels of exclusivity that Karma is seeking with this car, the company revealed that the front and rear badges on each Revero will be hand painted. “No other car company has ever done this,” Karma claims. “Consider it a small but symbolic statement about craftsmanship and individuality.” Furthermore, Karma claims that the infotainment system (a notable weakness of its Fisker badged ancestor) will finally be updated revealing “Our new infotainment system represents a departure from the norm. It is simple, intuitive, and beautiful. If you like a 200 page supplement to the owner’s manual to describe your infotainment system, look elsewhere.”

This all appears to sound quite exclusive, and the company has no problem embracing this perception with Karma’s chief revenue officer Jim Taylor revealing in a statement that, “Serving a mass market is not and never will be our purpose. The Revero is for a discerning group of individuals who desire beautiful, clean vehicles and a memorable ownership experience. We are thrilled to start this journey.” In a separate statement, Karma revealed that it plans to sell the Revero through traditional dealerships and company stores, with the firm selling it to 10 markets throughout North America.

Karma Automotive (which is owned by Chinese based Wanxiang Group) will debut the vehicle at a special launch party for media and current Fisker Karma owners in Laguna Beach California on September 8th. A special pre-order window will open for Fisker owners the very same day. Hopefully, this event will also help shed new light on whether Karma Automotive will follow through with its rumored plans to being the long dormant Atlantic concept into production reality. In the meantime, the company has released a brief video teaser which can be seen below.