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Ford Unveils 2017 Fiesta ST

Ford’s pint sized track terror the Fiesta ST has proven to be a solid sales success thanks to its impressive levels of performance as well as its financially attractive pricing ladder. The Blue Oval aims to continue this successful path with the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST.

A key change is found under the hood of the newly updated hot hatch. Power and overall refinement are up, but the engine drops a cylinder in the process. You heard that correctly, this iteration of the ST is the first ST model to be powered by a three cylinder engine.

The engine also loses a bit of displacement versus the old 1.6 liter, but the 195 horsepower this turbocharged three banger produces is 17 more than the old engine which relied on temporary moments of overboost to achieve its 197 horsepower figure.

Ford claims that the new Fiesta ST will make the sprint to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds which is nearly identical to the outgoing engine. Trque is also the same, but peak torque arrives lower in the rev band than before which should help improve acceleration times slightly. Port and direct injection has been fitted to the engine in an effort to not only reduce C02 emissions, but also cut down on carbon buildup in the valves.

In addition to the new engine, buyers also get to choose from three distinct driving modes Normal, Sport, and Track. Normal mode is, as expected, the setting with full safety net system engaged with Sport and Track modes gradually removing them.

The exterior styling is all new, but the look is still distinctivly Ford, which is good since the company appears to not be trying to mess with a good thing with this redesign. Ford chose to only preview the 3-door version in its press images, but look for the 5-door version to once again be the sole choice for U.S. buyers.

Ford promises higher levels of customization and personalization features for Fiedta buyers with owners being able to customixe trim elements suvh as the gearshift lever, flat bottom steering wheel, and exterior door handles

Look for more information on pricing and other options to gradually roll out in the weeks leading to the ST’s debut in Geneva with more details emerging closer to the ST’s formal launch to dealers worldwide.

Ford Unveils 2018 Ford Fiesta Lineup, Adds Cylinder Deactivation And New Active Trim Level

Following a lone teaser image that made its way onto the internet earlier today, Ford has formally unveiled the 2018 Fiesta which adds new updates, and a suite of new tricks to its list of talents for the upcoming model year.



The exterior styling of the 2018 Ford Fiesta focuses on subtle updates, and as a result the front fascia is largely reminiscent of the current generation model with the new headlights and slightly rounded nose giving it away. The changes are more apparent at the rear where the current car’s vertical tailights have been shelved in lieu of new horizontal units that help give the car a more refined appearance, and mesh nicely with the tweaked rear bumper.

In addition to the existing Titanium, ST, and Vignale trims, the 2018 changes also bring a new flavor to the Fiesta lineup. Dubbed the Active, this new trim level is perhaps the closest the Fiesta has come to embracing the CUV segment, and benefits from a slight increase in ride height. Rugged roof rails and faux skid plates further build on this theme, and give the Active a bold adventure ready profile. It is unknown if the Active will make the trek to our shores, but it would largely have its pint sized segment to itself if it does make the journey to Ford showrooms here in the U.S.



The interior of the Fiesta was always one of its strong points, and naturally the 2018 version ups the ante in both design and technology. An all new ‘floating’ high-definition touchscreen replaces the old unit, and comes equipped with the all new Ford SYNC 3 infotainment system. The 2018 Fiesta will also be the first Ford model that will come equipped with the B&O premium audio system which should please audiophiles looking for a slice of musical bliss that is normally reserved for larger and more expensive offerings. Safety and convenience are also a key part of these updates, and buyers will benefit from a whole suite of technology including lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, as well as active park assist that has the ability to navigate perpendicular type parking spots. Ford also enhanced basic ergonomics, and chopped 20 buttons from the interior though it remains to be seen if its new touch based layout will indeed improve the driving experience, or if it will hinder it in the long run.

Ford did not release the full lineup of engines for the 2018 Fiesta, but did reveal that its compact 1.0 liter EcoBoost three cylinder engine will be the first three cylinder that will take advantage of cylinder deactivation technology. The novel system can stop or start one of the cylinders in just 14 milliseconds, and incorporates a dual mass flywheel and vibration damping clutch disc to help keep unwanted vibration and oscillations at bay when the engine is running on its two remaining cylinders. Ford also revealed that the new system is capable of operating at up to 4,500 rpm which is an impressive achievement.

“We intensively tested the system in real world conditions using a range of cylinder deactivation strategies to develop a system that maximizes the fuel efficiency without compromising driver comfort” stated Ford of Europe powertrain research and engineering manager Carsten Weber.

Ford also did not reveal availability or pricing information, but look for the Fiesta to make its appearance roughly in concert with the recently unveiled Ford EcoSport CUV  which means that it will possibly make its appearance later in 2017 and be badged as a 2018 model.