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DMC Motors To Resume Production Of DMC-12

In a surprise announcement released earlier this week, Texas based Delorean Motor Company (DMC) revealed that it will resume production of the iconic DMC-12 sports car next year.

The company did not originally design the DMC-12, but rather it acquired all the tooling and spare parts that were leftover from the original Delorean Motor Company when it and its creator John Z. Delorean fizzled out of the market in the 1980’s. The company had been selling new fully restored DMC-12s since 1997. But a recently passed law that allowed low production automakers to sell complete turn key cars helped pave the way for DMC’s shift into formal vehicle production.

Buyers looking to dust off their flux capacitors and anti-gravity shoes from years of basement storage will be pleased to hear that the replica DMC-12 will retain the distinctively 80’s styling that made the original car a cult classic. However, it will also benefit from modern technology thanks to a suite of upgrades including better brakes, bigger wheels, as well as a decidedly more modern interior featuring higher quality materials.

Performance hardware will also be updated for the 21st century with DMC pitching the wheezy and problem plagued 2.8 liter PRV V6 for a modern V6 that will be tuned to make 350 to 400 horsepower. The company does not have a formal engine supplier as of yet, but company executives are talking with two possible suppliers including, perhaps ironically, GM so formal performance figures will not be avalible until an agreement is reached. If GM is indeed chosen as the supplier, we suspect that the company’s familiar naturally aspirated 3.6 liter V6 will be the prime candidate for the DMC-12 due to its proven track record in the Chevrolet Camaro and select Cadillac models.

Production of the newly updated DMC-12 will formally kick off early next year with the company only building 325 examples annually (the maximum amount allowed by the new law.) Each copy will start at $100,000 before options are factored into the equation. Buyers that are not too keen on spending BMW grade money on a Delorean can still opt for the fully restored version, which starts at a much lower $50,000.