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2016 Chevrolet Volt Officially Priced, Gets $1,115 Reduction

With a slick new redesign and a reworked interior, the 2016 Chevrolet Volt aims to carry on the legacy and reputation that was first forged by its predecessor when it was unveiled in 2011. Buyers looking for a good deal will be pleased to hear that Chevrolet has lowered the entry fee for its eco-friendly offering in a bid to boost sales, as well as an attempt to steal stales from rivals such as the Kia Soul EV and the Ford Focus EV.

When the Volt arrives in dealer lots this fall, the car will have a new base price of $33,995 (including destination charges). This is not only a $1,115 discount when compared to the old model’s $35,110, but also allows the Volt to standout better against rivals from Toyota and Kia. The revised price gets even more compelling when you factor in the federal tax credits for hybrid/electric vehicles which can cut the price even further by up to $7,500. As a bonus, buyers in California can also take advantage of separate state incentives that lower the price to about  $24,995.

This latest price cut is the second time that General Motors has slashed Volt prices with the company already taking $5,000 off the car back in 2014. Unlike its predecessor which featured awkward styling and a gimmicky interior, the 2016 Volt was redesigned from the ground up and has new exterior styling that matches up with its overall proportions better while also allowing the car to look visually appealing and modern at the same time. The interior also received a makeover and now boasts better design and enhanced ergonomics.

GM also slashed the price on the Volt’s ultra luxurious cousin the ELR last month. However unlike the Volt, the $10,000 price reduction was enacted to try and improve the car’s bleak and dismal sales numbers with the brand only managing to move a miniscule 1,310 units last year. This was well off the predicted 2,200 sales a year forecast that Cadillac predicted and is especially troubling when one considers the ELR’s status as a halo model. The majority of the ELR’s issues can be attributed its initial MSRP of $75,000 which was criticized by dealers and automotive journalists due to the car sharing much of its drive-train and underpinnings with the previous generation Volt.

General Motors Unveils 2016 Chevrolet Volt, Previews Future i3 Competitor With Bolt EV Concept.

Following its brief appearance at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, Chevrolet formally took the veil off of the 2016 Chevrolet Volt ,as well as unleashing a surprise in the form of the Bolt EV Concept.

2016 Chevrolet Volt: The exterior styling of the Volt ditches the previous generation’s Prius inspired lines in lieu of a more streamlined look that was crafted as a result of countless hours of wind tunnel testing. The front fascia is more of an evolutionary than revolutionary affair, and features a two piece radiator grille and slightly elongated 2016 Chevrolet Voltheadlights. However, once you go past the B Pillar the styling takes a radical turn towards the revolutionary category thanks to its fastback silhouette, better looking tail lamps, as well as a sculpted trunk lid. The Volt’s basic hatchback layout does remain intact which should please buyers looking for a practical companion that can swallow a copious amount of cargo.

The interior now offers seating for five passengers (up one from before) however with the back seat still somewhat tight, it is best to use that space for small children, adults, or rowdy in laws. The instrument cluster has also received a makeover and has been replaced with an eight inch color screen that can be customized to provide information such as battery life, and other vital information. A second eight inch color2016 Chevrolet Volt screen located on the center stack is in charge of Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system and also displays any image picked up by the rear view backup camera. Overall the interior appears to be much more refined than before and now boasts fewer buttons which should please critics that complained about the ergonomics issues that plagued the previous generation Volt.

Look for the 2016 Chevrolet Volt to go on sale during the second quarter of 2015. General Motors has not revealed whether its Opel European division will get a version for their own lineup. Expect GM to put a considerable amount of thought into that particular decision especially since the first generation Ampera floundered in low sales figures during its time in production.

Bolt EV Concept: Unlike Ford (which managed to keep the Ford GT’s appearance a surprise.) The Bolt EV Concept was perhaps one of the worst kept secrets of the 2015 North IMG_8974American International Auto Show especially since we (along with countless others) managed to catch a glimpse of it earlier in the morning during preparations for Chevrolet’s press conference. Lack of good timing aside, the Bolt EV does preview what a potential i3 or Tesla rival would look like if it were to enter production right now.

The exterior styling of the Bolt is typical of a small economy minded crossover and was designed to achieve a minimum footprint while retaining maximum practicality. While the front fascia does look a bit odd, it does give the Bolt a futuristic look which is accented IMG_9036further by its Volt inspired tail lamps. The airy interior was designed to maximize available interior room while using weight saving techniques to help keep unnecessary pounds off the concept which improves range.

“We have made tremendous strides in technologies that make it easier and more affordable for Chevrolet customers to integrate an all-electric vehicle in their daily lives,” said Barra. “The Bolt EV concept demonstrates General Motors’ commitment to electrification and the capabilities of our advanced EV technology.”

Barra also hinted that the company was serious about bringing a vehicle like the Bolt into formal production revealing “Form and function have never meshed so well together,” said Ed Welburn, vice president, GM Global Design. “No compromises were made when it came to aesthetics and the elements that contribute to the Bolt EV concept’s range, resulting in a unique proportion that’s sleek, efficient and obviously a Chevrolet.”

Stay tuned in the coming months to see what direction GM goes with the Bolt. If it makes it to production, it could be a formidable contender to the similarly sized BMW i3 electric car thanks to a lower base price versus that of the pricier BMW. In the meantime you can check out the gallery below which features both vehicles.