Lincoln Unveils Stylish Navigator Concept

When the Lincoln Navigator first made its apperance nearly 20 years ago, it revolutionized the luxury SUV segment with its brash interpretation of what luxury and ruggedness should be. However, over time it lost its luster especially after being overtaken both in sales and relevance by its bitter rival the Cadillac Escslade. Lincoln aims to right this sinking ship, and has unveiled an all new Navigator Concept that points toward the future.

This future will include a radically diffrent styling theme which is a welcome departure from the dated and outright hideous lines that have defined the past two generations of Navigator. The front fascia for example features a beefy chrome grille, and new headlights that Lincoln Navigator Concept rearare much more aerodynamic looking than the units they replace. Huge chrome wheels define the imposing profile, and also draw the eye to the attractive flanks. Like the Continental sedan, the rear fascia is a bit frumpy looking, but the new tailight bar does allow the big ute to fall in line with Lincoln’s current design language. Overall I like the visual eye candy here especially the way the concept subtly reminds the eye of a Range Rover as well as its elegant curves.

In a nod to design, it even features gull wing doors, though look for that particular feature to remain exclusive to the concept due to production feasability and weight considerations. Lincoln reps revealed that the doors were designed to highlight the spaciousness of the cabin for curious observers.

Speaking of that spacious interior, Lincoln designers went all out in making the cabin a truly opulent place to be. The rear cargo area was designed to work as a functional closet, and come complete with a wardrobe Lincoln Navigator Concept interior frontmanagement system to help keep clothes neat and organized. The multi-level running boards are designed to cascade down waterfall style when the gullwing doors open, and all six seats feature 30 way power adjustments.

As a bonus, the seat back mounted touchscreen monitors come equipped with built-in WiFi capability. The overall design of the interior as well as the exterior was designed to project a nautical theme  (a recent trend among luxury car makers) and this is evident in not only the light blue paint that adornes the exterior. But also the blue leather accents and the strategically placed teak elements.

In addition to its high levels of style, the Navigator Concept also features an equally impressive rapsheet of technology with Ford’s autonomous suite taking center stage. These features include pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, a 360 degree view camera, and lane keeping assist with all three being expected to make their way into the production version.

Performance for the concept comes from Lincoln’s version of the 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V6 which makes 400 horsepower and also sees duty in the Continental and the Navigator Concept touchscreensMKZ Black Series. Lincoln also revealed that the Navigator will ride on a new chassis, but stopped short of revealing what transmission will be equipped to it as well as other technical details.

Look for the production model to make its apperance sometime next year with more information being revealed at its eventual unveiling.