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Tesla To Introduce Model 3 March 31st

Thanks to leaked invitations that were sent to the winners of Tesla’s referral program, it has been confirmed that the company’s anticipated Model 3 sedan will make its debut March 31st at a private event in Los Angeles.

According to the folks at Forbes, Tesla will most likely be holding the event at its design studio in Hawthorne California. Tesla for its part has remained quiet on specific details of the event (as it has with other aspects of the Model 3) but it is rumored that attendees will be shown a near production version of the Model 3 and Tesla stores will also begin taking early $1,000 deposits on the 3 when it is unveiled on that date. For buyers that live too far away from a Tesla dealer, the company will have an online deposit service that will activate on April 1st. Look for this option to appeal especially to customers that live in states where Tesla is barred from selling cars in its direct sales format.

Official details about the Model 3 have been very limited so far but it is known that it will be targeting the BMW 3-Series sedan, and be about 20 percent smaller than the Model S sedan. The Model 3 will also have range on its side with a preliminary estimate of 200 miles which is commendable for an all electric vehicle. Options would most likely include bigger battery packs, all-wheel drive, bespoke interior materials, and a two motor drivetrain to cater to enthusiast buyers.

Stay tuned to Autoinfoquest for our thoughts on the car when it is formally unveiled. The first deliveries are expected to arrive at Tesla dealers late next year which would cause the Model 3 to arrive as a 2018 model. Official pricing has also not been released, but look for base models to start at about $35,000 before taxes and federal incentives are factored into the equation. This pricing is pretty consistent with some of its rivals, and would be more favorable both in terms of volume, as well as the larger swath of younger buyers that Tesla plans to attract with the car.