All Electric i6 Sedan Arriving In 2020?

BMW’s i division got off to a strong start with the introduction of the i3 city car, and the i8 supercar, however, offering only two models will not cut it for the brand’s survival, which is why rumors of a third i badged model have us intrigued.

According to a report released by Automobile Magazine, the third model would be an all electric sedan known tentatively as the i6. The i6 would be roughly the size of the current generation 3-Series, but ride on an all new platform that would be specifically designed for it. Like its two brand cousins, the i6 would be made largely out of carbon fiber and other weight saving materials to offset the considerable mass generated by the battery pack.

BMW is expected to offer the i6 in several different variants with base models using a two motor setup with higher grade trims using a more potent four motor arrangement that would feature a bigger battery to boost driving range. All versions of the i6 are expected to feature a state of the art lithium polymer battery pack that is expected to generate more energy than current packs while also costing less to build in the long term.

If these rumors do turn out to be true, look for BMW to possibly unveil the i6 sometime in 2019, with sales beginning the year after. It would be targeted towards the Tesla Model 3 but the i6 would also face an indirect challenge from the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt. The Model 3 however will be its biggest challenge ,with the car expected to debut next year at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.