Kia K900 Gains New V6 Base Model

With the Kia K900 establishing its hold on the luxury car market, Kia has addressed the K900’s key weakness with the unveiling of an all new entry level model that aims to open the car up to more buyers while also putting the pressure on V6 versions of many of its rivals.

The exterior styling remains largely the same for all K900’s, but Kia designers have made several minor tweaks to the formula that include a revised front grille as well as a tweaked rear end with more chrome trim, a new rear bumper, updated exhaust pipes, and a 2016 K900new¬†tail light design. A new Smart Power trunk and emergency braking capability also highlight some of the technology updates for 2016, and help bring the big four door more in line with contemporary luxury car offerings.

The interior boasts an improved navigation system that now features a beefy 9.2 inch HD touchscreen, while Kia’s remote apps gain a new start/stop function, climate control app, and lock/unlock capability. Meanwhile, parents that let their 2016 K900children drive can now set a curfew time as well as speed alerts while geofencing technology allows them to track their whereabouts at all times, and sends an alarm when the car strays from the pre-determined boundary.

The bulk of the updates however can be found under the hood of the newly minted “V6 Premium” trim which houses an all new 3.8 liter V6. Good for a healthy 311 horsepower, the V6 aims to not only make the K900 more fuel efficient, but also make the model more accessible to buyers as well. Prior to the arrival of the new V6, the K900 was only available with a 420 horsepower V8 that also sees duty in the range topping Hyundai Equus (similar to the situation that Jaguar faced when it first unveiled the current generation XJ.) The V6 will also help lessen the strain on your wallet with the ‘V6 Premium” trim featuring a base MSRP of $49,950 which is nearly $10,000 less than a fully loaded V8 powered K900. However this does not mean that you get skimped on luxury appointments with the V6 model featuring leather seats, 18-inch wheels, a navigation system, and a panoramic sunroof.