Lamborghini Huracan Gets Subtle Tweaks, RWD for 2016

With the Lamborghini Huracan proving to be a hot seller for the Italian supercar maker, Lamborghini has revealed that it will be rolling out a suite of upgrades for 2016 that aim to keep the Huracan’s momentum strong in the face of competition from Ferrari and McLaren.

A key upgrade is an all new cylinder deactivation system that allows the engine to drop from 10 cylinders to 5 cylinders during light driving. Lamborghini claims that it is the first time such a system has been used on a naturally aspirated V10 though that claim does come with an asterisk since it’s cousin the Audi R8 uses a similar system for its ten cylinder engine.

In addition to the fuel saving technology, The 2016 Huracan also benefits from a revamped all-wheel drive system that promises to deliver “a neutral and even more improved driving behavior.” Buyers looking for an alternative to all-wheel drive will be pleased with the upcoming rear-wheel drive version of the Huracan. Expected to debut later this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show, this variant is aimed at shedding weight while also cutting the cost of entry when compared to its AWD sibling.

The interior largely carries over unchanged, but more leather trim and new matte black air vents highlight the only major trim changes for 2016. Audiophiles will love the all new ten speaker Sensonum audio system as well as the excellent soundtrack generated from the all new sport exhaust system. As for buyers that prefer to excel in the art of showing off their ride, all new carbon fiber engine bay trim and a transparent engine cover allow the mighty V10 to be the center of attention at all times while LED interior lighting makes a splash during nighttime driving.


Naturally these optional extras will help inflate the final price tag by a significant margin, but buyers will be pleased to hear that the price of a base Huracan with all the standard upgrades will remain the same and not see any form of increase. These upgrades will make their apperance on both the coupe and the recently unveiled Huracan Spyder in an effort to woo customers away from rivals such as McLaren and Ferrari.