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Tesla To Unveil Model 3 In March, Geneva Appearance Likely

In a statement released earlier this week via Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the California firm’s new entry level sedan would be unveiled in March which gives fresh ammunition to rumors that it would make its official appearance at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

The Model 3 is expected to go into production in about two years, and would be a key product for the company’s new gigafactory. The new EV is also expected to be a competitor for the upcoming Chevrolet Bolt, and Tesla hopes its 250 miles of all electric range can help it standout against that particular model. This impressive range also highlights the Model 3’s other key attribute, its more accessible MSRP price with Musk’s tweet confirming that it will start at $35,000.

Musk revealed that their is no agenda in place for one particular customer base statingĀ “There is no agenda to sell to wealthy customers only,” obviously hinting at his strong desire to make Tesla more accessible to a wider range of customers that would not otherwise have the cash needed to put one in their garage. He also revealed that the Model 3 will not go “super crazy” with features like the Model S and Model X possibly hinting that Tesla plans a more gradual roll-out of updates to give the Model 3 time to catch on with consumers. Musk also hintedĀ that “adventurous” upgrades will be available later on possibly for range topping Model 3 variants though we wouldn’t be too surprised if some of these upgrades trickle their way to lesser variants.

In the same suite of tweets, Musk also revealed more information about the Model X CUV revealing that the Model X is roughly $5,000 more expensive in all of its trim levels than the Model S with buyers being able to choose colors and equipment packages in a few short weeks. These are very key times for Tesla, and it will be interesting to see whether these ambitious plans bear promising fruit for the firm and its customers.