Matthew McConaughey Commercials Provide Much Needed Boost To Lincoln’s Sales [Video]

When the first Lincoln commercials featuring award winning actor Matthew McConaughey first appeared late last year, many derided them for their unusual themes as well as the strange way that the cars were being advertised. However, with the positive feedback that the current crop of advertisements has received they have amounted to a rare advertising success for Lincoln and are playing a key part in the brand’s ongoing effort to restructure itself as a legitimate contender in the luxury car market.

The advertisements themselves first began airing in September of 2014, and they have helped produce several positive results for the brand since the campaign made its official debut. For example, the number of customers that are visiting to check out the new MKC crossover (the model pitched predominantly in the ads) has nearly tripled according to a statement released to Autoblog by a Lincoln spokesman. The ads have also helped resurrect the brand’s Youtube channel and have been largely responsible for 4.4 million views, while spoofs and parodies created by comics such as Jim Carey and Ellen DeGeneres as well as appearances on South Park  contributed to another 15 million views.

These strong figures have also produced equally impressive sales with Lincoln recording a 15 percent sales increase for the month of November. This was largely thanks to the launch of the MKC crossover, and it is widely believed that if it wasn’t for that particular model, overall sales for Lincoln as a whole would have been flat last year. This would’ve been bad news for Ford’s embattled luxury division and create unnecessary criticism. The MKC itself has received rave reviews since it first made its way onto dealer lots, but it has also been the target of several recent recalls which appear to have little to no noticeable effect on its overall sales numbers. Andrew Fick Group Marketing manager for Lincoln highlighted the importance of the current ad campaign as a whole stating ” The overwhelming response to the MKC campaign sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln.”

Lincoln is certainly hoping that even more awareness and success can come out of the newest batch of advertising spots which spotlight the Lincoln MKZ and its hybrid powered stablemate. The advertisements known as Diner and Balance retain the same basic artistic formula as the older MKC spots, but feature more of a dramatic theme with McConaughey intoning seriously about the cars and what they have to offer. Unlike many other spokesmen that pitch a product but don’t actually use it, McConaughey’s strong interest in the brand and his experiences owning Lincoln products add some welcome depth and realism to each commercial.

The recent ads continue McConaughey’s multi-year deal with the brand and with the recent success of the MKC spots as well as the potential success of the MKZ series of ads. Lincoln is aiming for long term success and maximum exposure for its newly revamped lineup and with the help of Matthew McCohaughey this goal is within its grasp. You can also check out a few of the spots below, and you can judge for yourself whether Lincoln is on the right track or not with the recent advertising blitz.